Peter Criss Receiving Courage Award

Peter Criss

Before original Kiss drummer Peter Criss was diagnosed, I thought breast cancer was something that only affected women. Like ball cancer only affects dudes. But I was wrong. I can admit when I was wrong. Criss revealed his battle with breast cancer some years ago, and will now receive the first “Man Of Courage” award […]

Sharon Osbourne Had Chesticles Removed So She Wouldn’t Get Breast Cancer

Sharon Osbourne

Imagine you didn’t want to get testicular cancer. I’m sure you don’t but, just go with it. Imagine you had this fear — a very realistic fear, in truth — that one day, your nuts would become riddled with tumorous disease…disease that would claim your life. Would you have your nuts cut off? Well, Ozzy […]

Dez Fafara Releases Charity Single For Sister

Dez Fafara and his sister

Uh huh. We told you a while back that DevilDriver and Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara was working on a single that he’d sell to help benefit his ailing sister. Now, you can purchase that tune. It’s “Dark Meadowlark” and you can buy it at Dez’s personal site. You can’t preview the song first to […]

Kiss’ Peter Criss Discusses How He Found Out He Had Breast Cancer

I'd check her for lumps

Yes, that’s right you ignorant douche — dudes can get breast cancer too, as Peter Criss of Kiss exemplified a few years ago. And this being breast cancer awareness month (I think…?), why not catch up with Criss to see how he’s doing? I am assuming that was the thinking of Matthew Wilkening of Ultimate […]

Lamb Of God Frontman: “What Is More Metal Than Tits?”

Breast Cancer Fighting Blythe

You know something? This Randy Blythe’s got some righteous opinions. His latest? Nothing is more metal than a plump set of rib balloons, and that’s why he’s raising money with his wife to battle breast cancer. In a series of recent Tweets, Blythe encouraged folks to donate to his wife Cindy’s walkathon efforts. He, too, […]