Butcher Babies Singer Reveals She Popped An Implant

Yeah, she's metal

I’ve been with a lot of well-endowed women in my time — ones with both natural breasts and surgically-enhanced hangers. The fake-titted broads always insisted God had blessed them with great racks, but I knew better. When you grab a boobie and there’s resistance, that’s sort of a dead giveaway. I wouldn’t be into Carla […]

Sharon Osbourne Had Chesticles Removed So She Wouldn’t Get Breast Cancer

Sharon Osbourne

Imagine you didn’t want to get testicular cancer. I’m sure you don’t but, just go with it. Imagine you had this fear — a very realistic fear, in truth — that one day, your nuts would become riddled with tumorous disease…disease that would claim your life. Would you have your nuts cut off? Well, Ozzy […]

Russian Chicks Who Like Metal Are Kind Of Rad, Show Their Boobs

I don't think she is Russian

Yuh. So, this isn’t news. I’m not sure what it is. Scratch that — I know what this is. What follows at the end of this post is a fan-filmed clip from Suffocation’s March 7 show in Russia. This video, I’m hoping, will inspire American metal chicks. In fact, I hope this young lass’ courage […]

Ex-Hollywood Undead Frontman Releases Tit-Filled Video


Yes, folks. There is one reason, and one reason only for why we’re posting this video: It is full of breasts. Big, bouncy, beautiful breasts. So, in short, if you’re at work, maybe you should just pull out your iPhone or Droid, look up the site on Google (if you haven’t already bookmarked it, and […]

Dates Announced For “Hottest Chicks In Rock” Tour

Because being hot has everything to do with the music

Southern California metallers In This Moment will headline the Revolver magazine-sponsored, brevity-challenged “Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock: Hell Hath No Fury” tour. I mean, that tour name is fucking way too long. Come on Revolver…make that shit punchier…something like “Boobs Across America” or “Nipfest.” I don’t want to have to type out all of that […]