And Now, Here’s Shadows Fall’s New Video

Shadows Fall

That’s right, sucka emcees. At the end of this post, you can watch a new video from the one, the only, Shadows Fall. The video is for the track “The Unknown,” and was filmed on March 21 at an abandoned building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The clip was helmed by director Kevin J. Custer, who has […]

Metal World Reacts To MCA’s Death


I’m still in shock over the sudden, unexpected passing of Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys. Yes, they were more rap than anything else, but they started off as a hardcore band. Yauch produced the Bad Brains’ most recent album, and his label first signed At The Drive-In. MCA’s death — presumably related to the […]

Shadows Fall: Track List Unveiled

Shadows Fall

I don’t normally do the “Track List Revealed” type posts, but this is Shadows Fall we’re talking about. And after what I heard from these dudes yesterday, how is this not one of the most anticipated metal releases coming down the pike? Shadows Fall’s new album Fire From The Sky drops May 15 on Razor […]

Hear A New Shadows Fall Song — Right Now!

Shadows Fall

And you can hear it at the end of this here post. Personally, I think it’s fucking killer. I love the guitars; the drumming is phenomenal. And Brian Fair sounds like he’s about to kick an ass or two. The song is called “Fire From The Sky” and serves as the title track to the […]

Shadows Fall Working On New Video

Shadows Fall

That’s right, you lovers of the brutality. Massachusetts metal outfit Shadows Fall were in Brooklyn yesterday to film a video for an as-yet-unspecified track from their forthcoming new album. That there is one of the photos the band released from the shoot. As you well know, Shadows Fall is scheduled to release its seventh album, […]

So, Maybe That Shadows Fall Album Title Wasn’t Correct

Brian Fair

You know, I knew I should’ve written Brian before I went with that news the other day. Shadows Fall’s Brian Fair has taken to his Twitter to address rumors concerning the band’s upcoming album, it’s title, and when it will be in stores. The other day, we reported the rumor that it would be called […]

Shadows Fall Name New Album

Shadows Fall

That’s right, kids. I am back home after yesterday’s fire. Miraculously, my place is pretty much as I left it. Only, it now smells like Smokey the Bear was jerking off in here, and busted his hairy nuts all over the place. Anyways, I had a good day. I was sent the new Cannibal Corpse, […]

Shadows Fall Put Finishing Touches On New Album

Brian Fair

It’s over, folks. The recording of the new Shadows Fall record has finally concluded. The Massachusetts metal act finished recording their seventh album at Zing Studios in Westfield, Massachusetts, last week with longtime friend, producer, and engineer Adam Dutkiewicz. You know…the dude from Killswitch Engage and Times of Grace. A late spring release is planned […]

Brian Fair’s That First Step’s A Doozy: Super Bowl Shuffle

Brian Fair's That First Step's a Doozy

Shadows Fall frontman Brian Fair is back with the latest installment of his Gun Shy Assassin column, and he’s here to talk about Sunday’s big game First off, I just wanted to say that when Gun Shy Assassin first asked me about writing a column about the Super Bowl I was hesitant. I have always […]