Author Butthurt Type O Negative Won’t Help With His Book

That's bananas

Jeff Wagner is pissed. The author of “Mean Deviation: Four Decades Of Progressive Heavy Metal” and former Metal Maniacs editor is pulling together a book on Peter Steele and Type O Negative. He’s got one problem. The band’s surviving members want nothing to do with it. And he’s fucking pissed. “I’m disappointed in the recent […]

Peter Steele Biography Coming

Soul On Fire

And it’s even authorized! Meaning, the family of the late Type O Negative and Carnivore frontman have signed off on the project! Called “Soul On Fire,” Peter Steele’s biography is being worked on at this very moment. Not by me, alas — but by metal journalist Jeff Wagner. The book will be “a comprehensive investigation […]

Birth A.D. LP To Feature Guest Appearance By Rotting Christ Singer

Birth A.D.

No way! Texas crossover thrash act Birth A.D. have announced that they will be entering Pyramid Sound on January 3 to begin recording the full-length follow up to their critically acclaimed EP Stillbirth Of A Nation. The album, which has been named I Blame You, will be engineered and produced by Alex Perialas (S.O.D., Testament, […]

Sweden’s Carnivore Change Name

She likes Peter Steele

That’s right, my childrens. This is kind of overdue, if you ask me — but cool that they took it upon themselves to change their name, and not waited for the inevitable lawsuit. Basically, Carnivore have changed their name to Erupted. The Swedish metal band was using the same name as late Type O Negative […]

Carnivore Signs With Abyss Records

She's a carnivore

Damn, son — you know what time it is! Abyss Records has announced the recent signing of Sweden’s Carnivore — not to be confused with the late Peter Steele’s former band [Edit: Thanks Matt]. Fucking rad! “Plans are in place for the label to re-release a limited edition version of the band’s EP Faces of […]

Seth Putnam Sings At Gay Bar, Apocalypse At 11…

Happy Kwanzaa!

Being a philanthropist, I attended a benefit a month or so ago for homeless kittycats. Friends of mine were playing and sensual rites of burlesque were to be observed. Sympathetic to the plight of displaced pussy and a big fan of ass n’ titties, I made my way to Partners, the New Haven gay bar […]

Evan Seinfeld: The Gun Shy Interview

Evan Seinfeld has — and has had — quite the life. Schooled on the gritty streets of Brooklyn, New York, he was once a roadie for Carnivore, has sold more than 5 million records as the bassist and singer for Biohazard, and enjoyed a long stint as biker gang leader Jaz Hoyt on HBO’s critically-lauded […]