Crowbar Working On Next LP

Kirk Windstein

That’s right, fuckers. That’s what Kirk Windstein of Crowbar would look like with hair. I know you’ve always wondered. Wonder no more. In other news, Crowbar have entered OCD Recording Studio in New Orleans with engineer Duane Simoneaux to begin recording their tenth studio album for a 2014 release. The follow-up to 2010’s Sever The […]

Hatebreed Release Trailer For New Album


I still don’t understand the logic behind releasing trailers for albums, but maybe that’s because I used to huff gas as a child. I’d just sit in the garage and get my huff on. It made mowing the lawn a lot more fun. Man, did I huff some gas in my day. At the end […]

New Hatebreed Song Sounds Like Hatebreed


Strange, right? At the end of this post, you will find a new song from Hatebreed. It’s called “Put It To The Torch.” It’s definitely Hatebreedish, with lots of Hatebreed-like elements. The song comes from The Divinity of Purpose, which will be available January 29.

Hatebreed Reveal New Album Title, Record’s Cover Art

I like that art

There’s a new Hatebreed album coming, and that there is the cover art, people. Called The Divinity Of Purpose, Hatebreed’s brand new album will come out on January 29, 2013, in North America on Razor & Tie and on January 25, 2013, in Europe through Nuclear Blast. The CD was co-produced by Hatebreed, Chris “Zeuss” […]

Hatebreed Ink New Label Deals

Jamey Jasta

Get ready to get brootal. Connecticut hardcore outfit Hatebreed have signed two deals — one for Europe, and the other, for North America. Hatebreed’s impending album will see release in Europe on Nuclear Blast Records, while North American distribution will be handled by Razor & Tie. The band’s new album was co-produced by Hatebeed, Chris […]

Hatebreed Detail 2012 Stillborn Fest

Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta

Every year, the holidays bring both depression and debt for most of us. For others, it brings happiness, joy, and year-end bonuses. A much smaller fragment of the populace looks to the holidays as a brutal time of year. Each December, Hatebreed go out of their way to play some epic shows with a bunch […]

Hatebreed Finish Recording New Album

They're excited for new Hatebreed

Yup, that’s right. Hatebreed are done. With their new album, that is. They’ve been plugging away for months now on the fucker, and now, they’ve commenced with the tracking of the album. The CD is being produced by the band with assistance from Josh Wilbur and Chris “Zeuss” Harris. “I’m very excited that the album […]