Old Man Gloom Reveal Album Cover

The Ape of God

The new cover for the new Old Man Gloom record has been released. Old Man Gloom is a band boasting current and former members of Converge, Cave In, and Isis. The band’s new album The Ape Of God will be released through Profound Lore/SIGE Records on November 11. Old Man Gloom also have a movie […]

Gunshy Assassin Presents: The Disastercast With Iron Reagan’s Tony Foresta

Tony Foresta

We’re back in action with some podcasts, people. That’s right. It’s been a few weeks, but the Disastercast returns this week with Iron Reagan’s own Tony Foresta, a hell of a nice dude who chatted us about briefly about the new disc and voiced his frustrations with people who don’t look after their fucking kids. […]

Sumac Forms, Boasting Ex-Isis Frontman


This news right here is hot of the presses, and fucking dope as fuck, on the surface. But who knows what Sumac will sound like. Sumac boasts ex-Isis vocalist and guitarist Aaron Turner with former Botch bassist Brian Cook and Baptists kitman Nick Yacyshyn. It sounds like this could be the best band ever, really. […]

White Arms Of Athena Detail New Disc

White Arms of Athena

This December, White Arms of Athena will issue their second record. The release follows three years after the their debut Astrodrama surfaced. The Texas five-piece’s self-titled sophomore effort is scheduled for release through Prosthetic Records on December 2. Featuring eight tracks portraying a mélange of experimental progressive passages with psychedelic-infused ambience, the album was recently […]

Iron Reagan Seeks Video Extras

Iron Reagan

Iron Reagan are pretty fucking dope, in my unimportant opinion. So would I appear in one of their videos? Fuck yes, I would. Alas, I live no where near the Portland, Oregon, location of the video shoot. If you are a fan of the band, live near Oregon, and would like to be an extra […]

Baptists Streaming New Song


I dig Baptists. They make music that really resonates with me, which is nice, since most stuff doesn’t resonate. Baptists cut to the very core of me, and speaks to something feral within. They’re dope, is what I’m trying to say. Listen to a new song from them below. It is called “Harm Induction” and […]

Old Man Gloom Album Coming In November

Old Man Gloom

Hot damn! Just hours ago, I reported on the new Old Man Gloom film that’s coming out. Now comes word of a record! It’s a good day to be a fan of Old Man Gloom, as I am. The band, boasting members of Cave In, Converge, and Isis, will issue Ape Of God through Profound […]

Old Man Gloom Movie Coming; See The Trailer

Old Man Gloom

Old Man Gloom is getting into the movie business, it would seem. The band will be releasing some sort of a movie this fall. The feature was produced and directed by Kenneth Thomas, with live audio recording from Scott Evans, and mixing and mastering from James Plotkin. The band boasts members of Cave In, Converge, […]

White Arms Of Athena Working With Converge’s Ballou

White Arms of Athena

So, prior to this week, I didn’t even know there was a band named White Arms Of Athena. I probably would have carried on with my life without ever listening to them; I would have passed them up for that name alone. But I took interest in the band when I learned their as-yet untitled […]

Converge Rejoined By Cave In Frontman During Live Set


Converge were rejoined by their former bassist Stephen Brodsky last night when the band performed the Deathwish Fest in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I know a couple of people who were fucking there, and now I am wishing I had been. Brodsky, of course, left the band in the late 1990s, and went on to form Cave […]