In Flames Reveal New Album Art

Siren Charms

I’m currently in Worcester, Massachusetts, about to head into the third and final day of the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. What a fest it has been, folks. Last night, Behemoth and Goatwhore blew my ass straight the fuck away, and Slapshot delivered a legendary, energizing set. But more on Metalfest later. Did you […]

Watch This Video From Vader — Or Don’t…It’s Cool


It’d be cooler if you did peep the lyric video that was just released for the new Vader tune “When Angels Weep.” Well, not just released. It was released earlier today, but, well, ninja was busy, hoss. So back off. I’ve had a rough day and it’s not even close to over yet. The track […]

Video: Napalm Death Rip Through New Tune

Napalm Death

You know you wanna see what’s at the end of this post. No…not a picture of Maria Brink’s unsheathed sweater kittens. Alas. What follows, ladies and gentlejerks, is a video showing Napalm Death at the 2014 Roadburn Festival in Tilburg last night, doing their fucking thing. Of note, though, is that this clip boasts the […]

Mayhem Streaming New Tune

Esoteric Warfare

That’s right people. At the end of this post, you can hear a new song from Mayhem called “VI.Sec.” It comes from the black metal legends’ fifth full-length album, Esoteric Warfare. That releases May 23 on Season Of Mist. The effort, in its various formats, including a limited vinyl collector’s box, will be made available […]

Napalm Death Announce Cover, EP

Napalm Death

Naplam Death have been busy in recent months, and that’s pretty awesome news. Starting today, Napalm Death are launching a special cover song of the track “To Go Off And Things” by the Cardiacs, available here. Says Napalm Death’s Shane Embury: “Since I was blessed with being introduced to Cardiacs way back in 1986, they […]

Vader Release New Album Trailer

Tibi Et Igni

You know you wanna see it? So just head to the end of this post. That’s where you will find the teaser trailer for Tibi Et Igni. The album will be out June 10 on Nuclear Blast Records. Check this shit out, people. And then tell me on Facebook or in the comments section about […]

You’ve Got To Hear Khonsu’s Björk Cover

S. Gronbech

It’s not every day that someone from Norwegian progressive and dark experimental metal band Khonsu emails us, but the other day, S. Gronbech did, so we figured we’d better bring you this news. The band, which features members from Keep of Kalessin, released a debut album in 2012, and for the last three Saturdays, has […]

Vader’s New Album: All You Need To Know

Tibi Et Igni

That there’s the cover, for starters. I do like that imagery. It’s disturbing and visceral, and I can’t look away. The new Vader record drops May 30 on Nuclear Blast, and will be called Tibi Et Igni (a Latin phrase which translates to “For You And Fire”). The album was recorded at Hertz Studio in […]

Mayhem Detail New Disc

Esoteric Warfare

Sorry, folks. I was away from a computer all day, and unable to really post until now. I hate days like today but they happen, and I always feel bad about my failure to keep you posted on the hottest metal news. But enough complaining, and let’s get to the business of informing. Today, we […]

Band Psyched Killswitch Engage Coming To Australia

Death Audio

Killswitch Engage will soon be touring Australia, and the news has some fans more excited than others. We received an email over the weekend from Will Borland, who we hope is no relation to Wes. He’s in a band called Death Audio and he’s “a reader of your website, and a fan of Jesse Leach’s […]