Alice Cooper’s Guitarist Nita Strauss Attracts The Bunny’s Eye


So, there’s no disputing how hot Nita Strauss is. Alice Cooper’s new guitarist is, after all, a gorgeous babe. She’s even garnered some attention from the folks at Playboy, who should pay her whatever she demands. I need to see her nude. According to this article, Strauss recently did an interview for Playboy Radio. Was […]

Alice Cooper Performs With New Guitarist

Nita Strauss

At the end of this post, you will find video showing Alice Cooper performing for the first time with his new guitarist, a hot-ass broad named Nita Strauss. The video was shot during the kick off of Cooper’s summer tour with Mötley Crüe. Strauss was recently announced as the replacement for Orianthi, some other hot […]

System Of A Down Drummer Crowdfunding Covers LP

These Grey Men

Not content to rest on his laurels reading comic books, John Dolmayan — the drummer for Grammy-winning band System of a Down — has announced a crowdfunding effort for something called These Grey Men. The project will produce an album of covers of bands like Radiohead, Outkast and David Bowie, as well as a tour. […]

Alice Cooper Drops Orianthi, Finds New Guitarist


Alice Cooper has parted ways with Orianthi, a super hot guitarist. He’s replaced her with another super hot guitarist: Nita Strauss. It must be nice to be Alice. Orianthi had been playing with Cooper the last few years. Nita, who has made her name in bands, including The Iron Maidens and Femme Fatale, joins Alice’s […]

Listen To Machine Head’s Ignite Covers — Right Now!

Machine Head

What’s that? You’re too young to know who Ignite were? Son…no matter how old you are, you need to explore what came before you. And Ignite were the business. For realsies. At the end of this post, listen to two songs from Machine Head — their covers of “Our Darkest Days” and “Bleeding.” Both songs […]

Sheer Terror Cover Sham 69 On New EP

Kaos for Kristin

New York hardcore stalwarts Sheer Terror have tracked a three-song EP. Called Kaos for Kristin, it’ll be out on Dead City Records. The effort features three Sham 69 songs covered in Sheer Terror’s style. You can get that shit as a vinyl seven-inch picture disc here. The album will be available on iTunes in the […]

Machine Head Frontman Releases Some Live Covers

Robb Flynn

This is worth checking out. Today, Machine Head frontman and guitarist Robb Flynn released — in video form — some awesome covers the band tracked years ago. Those songs include Metallica’s “Seel and Destroy,” Sepultura’s “Territory,” Pantera’s “A New Level” and “Walk,” and Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper.” All four covers were captured live during the […]

System Of A Down Drummer Talks Solo LP, Possible Covers

John Dolmayan

System Of A Down’s drummer John Dolmayan is tired of waiting on the rest of the band to figure out what the fuck they wanna do, and has struck out on his own. We recently told you he began work on a solo album, which would feature some covers. 
Well, earlier today, he updated fans […]

System Of A Down Lullabies Coming


Wake up! Or, go to sleep? Grammy-winning hard rockers System of a Down are the latest band to have their songs transformed into nursery rhymes and sold to fathers trying so hard to raise a kid who won’t like rap music. Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star released their take on System’s best songs today. The […]

Ghost Offering Up Live Track For Free Download

If You Have Ghost

Hey Ghost fans! Go here. That’s where you’ll find a free download of the Swedish band’s live recording of “Secular Haze.” The track comes from Ghost’s new EP, If You Have Ghost, which mostly boasts covers. It was produced by Dave Grohl, who some people suspect is actually a member of Ghost. If true, that’d […]