Deftones Touring With Incubus

Hey now!

Man. The 1999 version of me would have shit his pants reading that headline. Of course, 2015 me still loves the Deftones, but Incubus is a band I do not listen to anymore. Their first few albums were insanely good, but then, they sort of fell off course and found pop sensibilities, and eventually, cleaned […]

New LP Coming From Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats

Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats

Judging by another creepy video that makes me think someone spiked my afternoon coffee with MK-Ultra strength LSD, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats will be taking their techni-colored asses on the road, but only in Europe.  Ya’ll Europeans got it good, ya hear? The video, which follows at the ass end of this post, mentions […]

Danzig Announce Tour Dates

Danzig in the studio

That’s right, folks. Danzig is coming to a town near you. He announced a bunch of dates while I was out, doing my actual job. Which pays me. This site, on the other hand, does not. That’s why there’s lame ads on it…that’s my weak attempt at monetizing this fucker. Alas, my efforts haven’t seemed […]

Taake, Wolvhammer Tour Happening This Summer


So, this is rather amazing news, if you ask me. Taake will be hitting the road with Wolvhammer this June for a bunch of stellar shows on a tour that won’t really cross over into what you’d truly consider the Midwest United States. Opening on select dates will be Young And In The Way. Consider […]

The Black Dahlia Murder Announce Aussie Dates

The Black Dahlia Murder

Guess what, Australia? The Black Dahlia Murder is coming to play all inside of you. They’ve booked Psycroptic to hit the road with them, as well as Colossvs. They’re also coming to fuck you up, New Zealand. Pretty phat, no? So, here’s when and where they will be playing. 6/17: Brisbane, AUS @ Crowbar (w/ […]

Goatwhore, Ringworm To Tour


Now this is a tour I think you’d better go see, if it doesn’t skip your lame town. Goatwhore is touring with Ringworm, Black Breath and Theories. Phatness. I’d go for Ringworm and Black Breath, alone. But the fact that Goatwhore is playing too is dope. Although, at this point, I feel like I’ve seen […]

Despised Icon Book Shows

Despised Icon

Every time I think Despised Icon is done I find out they’re up to something. Now, the band has booked a trio of special shows, all to mark the 10th anniversary of the band’s album The Healing Process. The band’s frontman Alex Erian — a member of Obey The Brave, too — said: “This album […]

Vattnet Viskar Announce Sophomore Album

Vattnet Viskar

Vattnet Viskar have revealed they have their sophomore album coming out on June 16. The album is called Settler, a press release claims. The record was tracked with producer Sanford Parker at Earth Analog Studios in Champaign, Illinois. The LP will feature eight new Vattnet Viskar songs. In addition, the band’s booked a bunch of […]

Faith No More Touring With Refused

Faith No More

Fuck me. As happens from time to time, my day job kept me too busy all day to report the metal news. Shit happens. While I was busy working a murder, Faith No More announced a summer tour. Not only that, but the run will feature Refused as the openers. That’s a fucking amazing bill. […]

Killswitch Engage, Rise Against Book Summer Trek

Killswitch Engage

This summer, Killswitch Engage will likely be playing in a town near you. The band has booked a tour with Rise Against, a fairly well-known punk act. The opener on all the shows will be letlive. Dates for the North American run follow below. As you well know, Killswitch Engage is working on a new […]