Dawn Of Ashes Release New LP

The Dawn of Ashes album cover

Self-proclaimed industrial shock rockers Dawn Of Ashes have released their newest record, called Anathema. The release is now available through Metropolis Records. The 12 track album features “unrelenting evil dripping with malignant decadence and vicious debauchery,” a press release says. It’s “a sinister mix of all that’s dark in the already deviant world of Industrial […]

Dawn Of Ashes Lose Two

Dawn of Ashes

That’s right, cowpokes. California melodic blackened death metal band Dawn of Ashes is down two men. Othuum and Volkar Kael have parted ways with the band, and the split was characterized as “amicable,” so, that’s cool. “With the new change in Dawn of Ashes and Kristof Bathory making Dawn of Ashes as his project,” reads […]

Origin, Cattle Decapitation, Aborted Tour Rumored

Cattle Decapitation

That. Would. Be. Fuck. Ing. Phat! According to Lambgoat, sometime late this spring, there will be “a festival-type tour in the U.S.” boasting Origin, Cattle Decapitation, and Aborted. Wait — it gets better. In addition to that greatness, the bill will also boast Misery Index, Vital Remains, Threat Signal, Rings Of Saturn, and Dawn Of […]

In Flames To Release Digital Single

In Flames

That’s right, you ball touchers. Swedish metal act In Flames will release the second digital single off their new album, Sounds Of A Playground Fading, next month. Due November 15, “Where The Dead Ships Dwell” will come complete with three completely different remixes. There’s versions of the tune retooled by German rapper Casper, drum-and-bass act […]

Listen To The New Dimmu Borgir LP Abrahadabra

You only have today to listen to it on the band’s MySpace page, so you’d better hurry. It’s the new Dimmu Borgir and guess what? It sounds like new Dimmu Borgir. Abrahadabra drops October 12 through Nuclear Blast. The Norwegian symphonic black metallers are currently headlining a tour in Europe with Enslaved and Sahg. You […]

Dimmu Borgir Touring With Enslaved

Earlier, I noticed that Lambgoat had a bunch of new tour dates for Dimmu Borgir, and I was like, “Dude, I haven’t seen anything about Dimmu touring here in the states before — this must be news.” And it is. Because then, I got a press release about it too. About 10 minutes after I […]