Ministry Releasing Live CD/DVD

Al Jourgensen

Ministry will soon release Last Tangle in Paris, a CD/DVD package that documents the band’s 2012 “DeFiBriLaTour,” featuring live performances, in-studio, rehearsal and backstage footage, and one-on-one interviews. An artistic collaboration between UDR Music and 13th Planet Records, Inc., the set will be released July 8 in North American and be available in 2-CD and […]

Black Dahlia Murder Release Clip From Live DVD

The Black Dahlia Murder

If you wanna see live footage of The Black Dahlia Murder performing “In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me,” then just head for the end of this post. That’s where it will be found. The clip comes from the group’s impending 2-DVD set Fool ‘Em All, which hits streets next week. If you’re new […]

Rob Zombie’s Next Record “Sounds Fuckin’ Weird”

Rob Zombie

YEAH!!! He’s never gonna stop, and he’s an astro-freak but ultimately, Rob Zombie is a merch-generating machine. He makes records at a pop star’s rate. It makes sense. His music sounds more pop-like as of late anyways. He has a DVD and book in the making, and a new album. Zombie tells Billboard: “It sounds […]

Anthrax Drummer Teases Live DVD


Anthrax, as you may know, are a band. A band with a live DVD on the horizon. The footage for it was filmed at the Teatro Caupolican in Santiago, Chile, back on May 10 of last year. The project will now arrive in stores sometime in late summer. Says Anthrax’s drummer Charlie Benante on Twitter: […]

Forgotten Tomb Release Free Live Album

Forgotten Tomb

Want some free metal? Well then, go here. That’s where Italian pioneers of blackened doom metal, Forgotten Tomb are giving away a free live album. The effort was recorded during the Kings Of Black Metal Festival in Germany in 2012. The audio has been professionally mixed and originally comes from Forgotten Tomb’s brand new DVD, […]

Cold To Re-Record Grundig Songs


Back in the late 1990s, this band Cold emerged and dropped a self-titled LP I still think is the shit. But before they were Cold, they were known as Grundig and that band released an EP. Cold will re-record some of those songs and release them, the band claims. “We are re-recording the Atlanta Grundig […]

Rob Zombie Working On New Music

Rob Zombie

Fucking just great! When will this man stop with the music? The last two records he’s released were worse than the Holocaust. Who cares though? Some dumb fucks will spend money on anything. They’ll have plenty to spend cash on too. Rob Zombie has a live DVD, a book and a spring tour planned, and […]

Black Dahlia Murder Releasing Live DVD

The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder will soon issue a 2-DVD set called Fool ‘Em All. The band teamed up with director Robbie Tassaro for DVD set, which Metal Blade releases May 27. The offering can be purchased in stereoscope 3D, and includes glasses for viewing. The DVD captures the group on tour, fart by brutal fart. The […]

Kittie Launches Crowdfunding Effort For DVD, Book

Kittie members past and present, reunite

That’s right, perverts. Kittie will celebrate their impending 20th anniversary with a crowdfunded DVD release and a tell-all book that still needs to be pitched to publishers. Kittie “will be compiling our personal footage, concerts and events over the past 20 years, to bring you the be-all, and end-all of career-spanning Kittie documentaries,” says the […]

Avenged Sevenfold’s Re-Releasing Old Poop

Waking The Fallen

Avenged Sevenfold are planning to re-release 2003 Waking The Fallen, even though they missed the tenth anniversary of the album’s release. The tenth anniversary edition of the disc will boast a bunch of unreleased goodies, the way frontman M. Shadows tells it. “We’re going to put something together for the 10 year anniversary of Waking […]