Evisorax Issue New Video


If you don’t recognize the name Evisorax, you clearly don’t know Dan Lynch’s story. He was jumped a while back, and in the process, curb-stomped by some hooligans who split one of his legs in half. The incident hasn’t deterred Lynch or the band from doing what they do; Dan healed, and the band has […]

Evisorax Release New LP Teaser


Last January, Daniel Lynch, having just been jumped by a bunch of hooligans in the U.K., made three promises from his hospital bed in an interview with GSA. He said his band, Evisorax “are due to record the next album in February 2013…this will STILL happen.” The band were “booked to play dates with Mumakill […]

UPDATE: Evisorax Guitarist Recovering After Curb Stomping

Daniel Lynch, before the attack

If you’ve ever wondered about the Daniel Lynch’s recovery, here’s an update on the guitarist for the U.K.’s Evisorax, who was attacked by a pack of goons back in January and left for dead with a “severely broken” leg. You may recall Dan was curb-stomped…meaning, they put his leg against a curb, and kicked or […]

Evisorax Guitarist Viciously Attacked, Facing Major Surgery


When I was in college, I was jumped by a bunch of dudes. It was all over a chick. I was in a bar, working my mojo, while my friends were working theirs. I was talking to this chick, and things were going well. Next thing I know, some douche is telling me “I was […]