Whitechapel, Upon A Burning Body To Tour

It's happening...

Surely, somewhere, someone must give a fuck. Maybe, maybe not. I’m going to go out on a limb and say some of the readers of this blog foster secret boners for Whitechapel. I mean, someone’s listening to them. Everyone can’t hate them. The band will head out with Upon A Burning Body and Glass Cloud […]

Scale The Summit Guitarist Slices Finger

Chris Letchford

Dude, I have sliced a bunch of my fingers in a myriad of ways over the years. Some have been severe, and others, very minor. Scale The Summit guitarist Chris Letchford suffered a severe slice last night. He cut off part of his fingertip and had to go to the hospital to get stitches. 
As […]

Glass Cloud Lose Bassist, Drummer

Glass Cloud

I’ve tried to get into Glass Cloud, but failed miserably. Perhaps others of you are into them. Either way, it’s a slow news day and Glass Cloud lost its rhythm section. Bassist Travis Sykes and drummer Chad Hasty are out. Says the band: “Some of you might have already heard that there will be some […]

Dates For The Chariot’s Farewell Tour Leak

The Chariot

The Chariot are breaking up. Rather than just throw in the towel, the band plans to go out with a farewell tour, and cash in before they cash out. While an official announcement is still in the works, dates for The Chariot’s farewell tour with Glass Cloud, Birds In Row, To The Wind and Rebuker […]

The Chariot Split Up

The Chariot

It’s over for The Chariot, a band I never actually understood the appeal of. The Chariot revealed today that they’re done. “Thank you. To everyone on this planet Earth that has ever supported us, helped us, watched us, hung out with us, given us a place to stay, given food, prayed over us, loaned us […]

Amity Affliction Drummer Injured On Warped Tour

Ryan Burt

For some reason, eye injuries and eye pain give me the creeps. Like, the worst way for me to go would be to fall on a stick that just went straight through my fucking eye, out the back of my skull. I’ve had pink eye, and hated it. I scratched my cornea twice, and it […]

Contest: Win Tickets To Road To Metal Fest In New York

You could be going...

We have two pairs of tickets to give out to our faithful readers. Yes, two pairs of tickets for the Road To Metal Fest Tour, which hits Santos Party House in New York on April 21. Sadly, we only have tickets to give away for the New York show. Wish we could give them away […]

Terror, Goatwhore Added To New England Metal & Hardcore Festival

"Hey cookie, I dropped my pencil"

They might as well just release the entire lineup already. It’s not like the bill doesn’t already fucking rule. You think adding Terror’s going to get some kid to go, “Wait one hot fucking second! I wasn’t sold until this Terror announcement. Fuck it, I’ll go.” At this point, people are either going or not […]

After The Burial, Within The Ruins To Tour

After The Burial

That’s right! It’s official. After The Burial, Within The Ruins, The Contortionist, Glass Cloud, and City In The Sea will be teaming up for the “Road To Metal Fest III Tour” this April. The tour — dates for which follow at the end of this post — will lead the bands through the U.S., to […]

Two More Bands Added To New England Metal & Hardcore Fest

Job For A Cowboy

Oh yes, folks. The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival keeps growing. Like that thing in your shorts. Keep taking those vitamins, and it’ll be a full three inches…from the GROUND! Job For A Cowboy and D.R.I. were both added to this year’s Metalfest bill. Metalfest goes down at The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts, on […]