Aborted Fetus Exclusive Song Stream: “Morning Inferno”

Private Judgement Day

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sluggish son-of-a-bitch come Monday morning. My usual order at Dunkin Donuts (medium, lots of cream and sugar) is always supersized Mondays because I usually can use all the help I can get. This morning, though, I’ve got something better than coffee. That’s right, I said it. Aborted […]

Monsterworks Exclusive Album Stream: Earth


Today, we’re streaming for you, in full, the new album from a band called Monsterworks. The album is called Earth and if unique, finely-crafted extreme metal crossed with elements of progressive and power metal sounds up your alley, then head to the end of this post. That’s where we are streaming Earth, my dudes and […]

Gwar Frontman Thinks New Megadeth Song Blows

Oderus Urungus

Man, I totally forgot that “Super Collider,” the title track from Megadeth’s new album, was be released this week, and am late to the party on the new track but…fuck me, if it isn’t one of the worst things I’ve heard this year. It really is bad. I think I’d rather drink elephant piss than […]

Listen To A New Track From The Ocean — NOW!

The Ocean

It follows at the end of this post, and it’s good. It’s mellower than I’d prefer, but I did it. The new song comes from the band’s impending new album Pelagial. This song is called “Bathyalpelagic III: Disequillibrated.” Whatever the fuck that means.

Soilwork’s New One Coming To Vinyl


Listen up, vinyl heads. Soilwork’s new album is in stores, but will be released tomorrow as a double vinyl LP. Not sure if any of you are Howard Stern fans, but recently, there’s been a lot of discussion on the show about vinyl, and whether you should call records “pieces” of vinyl of just albums. […]

The Ocean To Play Summer Slaughter?

The Ocean

That’s the rumor. We can’t say if its for real yet or not, but the band does have a new album coming out. I think it’d be cool if they played the Summer Slaughter Festival. They’re awesome. No official word has been made on the tour yet, but the rumors usually proceed the truth.

Listen To New Dillinger Escape Plan — NOW!

Dillinger Escape Plan

Well spank my ass and call me Tilly! This new Dillinger Escape Plan track is good…real good. The band’s in top form, and musically, the material’s strong. Gave me the same kind of goosebumps listening to the Mike Patton EP the first time did. The song streaming at the end of this post is called […]

The Ocean Streaming New Track

The Ocean

Yup. Hear it now, at the end of this here post, suckers. By now, you should know that The Ocean’s got a new album coming. The song is called “Bathyalpelagic II: The Wish In Dreams” and comes from the band’s upcoming LP, Pelagial. The album drops April 30.

Listen To A New Aosoth Song — Right Now!


Oh fucking boy, am I excited. Aosoth are one of those bands I have loved for years, and I’d meet others like me and we’d become instant friends, bonding over this shared adoration. Now, the French black metal band’s getting more popular, making those special bonds less special. At the end of this post, check […]

Listen To Anthrax’s AC/DC Cover — Right Now!


There’s nothing worse than a cover that basically just regurgitates the original. That said, let’s now listen to a cover of AC/DC’s “TNT.” It follows at the end of this post. The tune comes from Anthems, the band’s much hullaballooed covers EP, which will be released in North America on March 19 and on March […]