Third Solo Offering From Loomis Due In Early 2015

Jeff Loomis

This is quite exciting news. The kind that could possibly call for a ball draining. Jeff Loomis, the guitar virtuoso you know from both his solo albums and work with Nevermore and Conquering Dystopia, has been writing material for his third independent offering. Loomis hopes to enter the studio before the end of the year […]

Voivod Parts Ways With Bassist


This is weak sauce to the umpteenth power. Voivod have released the following statement regarding bassist Jean-Yves Theriault’s latest departure: “It saddens us to announce that Voivod will no longer be performing live with Blacky. Jean-Yves has decided to leave the band for his own personal reasons. We wish him all the best. Voivod will […]

Gunshy Assassin Presents: The Disastercast


It’s Saturday. We never post podcasts on Saturday. But this week was a little hectic for your old pal Chris, kids. In fact, sadly, today’s podcast doesn’t even have a musician interview; Jesse James Madre from Tiger Flowers was set to guest on the show, but car trouble prevented it. He will appear as a […]

Fozzy Guitarist Says “Black People Are Welcome” In Metal

Rich Ward

Rich Ward of Fozzy gave an interview at this year’s Download Festival two weeks ago, in which he discusses metal’s diversity — or lack thereof. I don’t know, man. Maybe it’s because I go to shows in New York, but I see all kinds of people attending metal shows. Yes, the preponderance of them are […]

Through The Eyes Of The Dead Tease New Tunes

Through The Eyes Of The Dead

On June 19, Through the Eyes of the Dead were the subject of a “Just Release Something Already” post here at Gunshy Assassin. Two days later, the band hits Instagram and posts long-awaited teases of some new material. Coincidence? Hells no. If you think it is, you can go get fucked. Good and hard, too. […]

Just Release Something Already: Through The Eyes Of The Dead


There are a bunch of good bands out there that have gotten lazy or bored or busy and haven’t put out a record for a while. It sucks, but maybe bitching about it on this here metal blog will rattle some cages and we’ll get more sweet, sweet metal. Through the Eyes of the Dead […]

Bands From My ‘Hood: Without Mercy

Without Mercy

Now, when I was going to high school in Western Canada, I wasn’t into the local metal scene very much. To me, these bands meant nothing and were just small time compared to the signed, popular brethren. I soon realized how naive I was when I heard a certain band play from around my hometown […]

Gloom Exclusive Song Stream: “Entity”


I feel like by now, if you don’t know who Gloom are, you haven’t been paying attention to the blog. We ran a podcast with the band’s singer, Bill Calomiris, who then told you about three books you should be reading. Assuming you read. Maybe you just come to this blog for the pretty pictures. […]

Stream It! The New Misery Index Album Hits The Web

The Killing Gods

Hurry. Head to the end of this post to listen to The Killing Gods, the fifth studio album from American death metal act Misery Index. They rule. So, the album itself should rule too. I literally just go a download to it, so I haven’t listened to the thing in full yet. The Killing Gods […]

Vallenfyre Release “Splinters” Clip


Last week’s podcast boasted an interview with Gregor Mackintosh, who is in Paradise Lost and this awesome band Vallenfyre. He spoke to us about the video for “Splinters,” the title track of the second full-length album from Vallenfyre. Splinters is due in stores tomorrow. See the video for “Splinters” at the end of this post, […]