Helloween Hitting The Studio


That’s right, honky. The one and only Helloween will enter MiSueno Studio on the isle of Tenerife this October with producer Charlie Bauerfeind to begin recording a new album for a May 2015 release on Nuclear Blast. Can you dig it? Helloween’s next album will be its first since their return to Nuclear Blast, the […]

Helloween Back With Nuclear Blast


German metal legends Helloween have returned to its old label home, Nuclear Blast. The band did release two albums with the label — 2000‘s The Dark Ride and 2003’s Rabbit Don’t Come Easy — and those efforts have since been reissued with bonus content. Nuclear Blast is overwhelmed to bring the band back into the […]

The Year That Was By Jos. von Weinerhaus


This year was full of a lot of great metal and rock releases, as well as a few shitty ones and some that just flat out underwhelmed or disappointed. Rather than ramble on in a paragraph that 4% of anyone who clicked on this will read, let’s just get down to the goods. Best Metal/Rock […]

Helloween Singer Starts New Band

Andi and his young band

Helloween’s Andi Deris has a new project. It’s called Andi Deris and Bad Bankers, says Blabbermouth. Bad namers, is more like it. “It’s been years I was looking for a band (all over the planet) that I could actually ask to record an album with me, only to find it on the little island I […]

GunShyAssassin Presents The Top 25 Album Closers: #5 To #1

Operation: Mindcrime

All week, we’ve been running a companion piece to the Top 25 Album Openers list we did a couple of months ago — the Top 25 Album Closers! There were two rules: A 30-second outro does not a totally awesome song make and only one song per band. Now, we conclude the list with the […]

Anybody Listening? A Tale of Two Rÿches — Team Toddrÿche Update: In The Blue Corner, Todd La Torre!

Todd La Torre

Not long after I finished stating that the real Queensrÿche have handled this whole mess with class and hardly even mention Geoff Tate and his shitty excuse he’s trying to pass off as Queensrÿche, Todd La Torre came out and slammed him. It was not done unprovoked, nor did he just run his mouth about […]

Helloween Book North American Tour


You know damn well you can’t wait to see fucking Helloween live. You know that’s a bucket list item of yours. That and swimming in Charlize Theron’s pool, after she’s peed in it. Yes, folks — German power metal act Helloween will embark on a 10-date North American tour this fall. The dates follow at […]

Helloween Drummer Touring With Krokus

Dani Loeble

Dang. That is a fucking crazy headline, no? I mean, it makes sense. Krokus haven’t had a drummer since 2011, and so…they need to tour. Why not called on Helloween’s Dani Löble to man the kit for a few gigs? The band’s upcoming “Dirty Dynamite Tour” is scheduled to kick off in early May.

Sylencer Album To Feature Myriad Of Guests

Lethal Dose of Truth

I was reading Noisecreep and learned of this project called Sylencer. The brainchild of Markus Johansson and featuring former Chimaira drummer Kevin Talley, Sylencer is planning to release a new album called A Lethal Dose Of Truth September 4, and it boasts a bunch of dope guests. Some of metal’s leading musicians, yo! Here’s who […]

GSA Writer Contest, Entry #2: Five Albums That Changed Xander Turner

Guest Column

Day two of the writing contest, where we hear from Xander Turner Hey, I’m Xander, and I’m a bit of a metal nut. I got into metal when I was 12, just after Lamb of God released the “Walk With Me in Hell” single (remember that?), which leads me to the first album in this […]