Mudvayne Not Over Yet, Says Chad Gray


If given a Sophie’s-like choice, I’d definitely save Mudvayne over HellYeah any fucking day. HellYeah, to me, is one of the most damaging bands around. They’re grating, mind-numbing douche rock that gets slapped the metal tag because Vinnie Paul’s the drummer. They’re the soundtrack for ignorant decisions. I wish they never happened in the first […]

Mnemic: Probably Done


Guitarist Mircea Gabriel Eftemie of Danish metal band Mnemic claims that the band’s either done or on hiatus. Huh? He writes online: “Being the last original and founding member of Mnemic, I feel that it’s my responsibility and finally time to break the silence and shed some light on the band’s current situation and prospect. […]

Blood Stands Still Frontman Busted

Blood Stands Still

And it was for something most men are basically taught time and again NOT to do as they’re growing up: He put his hands on a woman in anger. Eric Muniz, vocalist for Southern Californian hardcore act Blood Stands Still, was allegedly arrested last weekend for assaulting the unidentified woman. He was thrown in the […]

Modern Day Escape Go On Hiatus

No one told Sandra

This is fantastic news, and kind of hilarious news, actually. Modern Day Escape, that awful band from Orlando your little sister’s into, has gone on an indefinite hiatus. That’s the good news. The even funnier news? They never told their drummer. “All good things must come to a PAUSE,” says the band, referencing themselves as […]

Ex Deo Done

Ex Deo

Maurizio Iacono of Kataklysm has announced his side project Ex Deo is dead. “Today I decided that Ex Deo and its legions will rest their arms,” he writes online. “We will take an indefinite leave of absence. There’s a good possibility that Romulus & Caligvla be the only sonic assaults that will ever see the […]

Jane’s Addiction Book Shocking Las Vegas Gigs

Nothing's Shocking

Before they go away again for a spell, Jane’s Addiction will play three shows in Las Vegas. I wish I could see one of them, as the band plans to perform one of my all-time favorite records from first note to last during that trio of shows: Nothing’s Shocking. I have seen Jane’s a couple […]

Jane’s Addiction On Hiatus

Jane's Addiction

Dude, what’s this make, the 50th fucking time? Jane’s Addiction are inactive for now, while frontman Perry Farrell busies himself with a musical. Perry’s working on an electronic dance music stage musical called “Kind Heaven” that I can not wait to not see. Farrell tells Rolling Stone the show deals with the sex and drug […]

Mötley Crüe To Throw In The Towel?

Motley Crue

It’s about time, right? Mötley Crüe have announced that on January 28, they will host a special event in Los Angeles called “RIP: All Bad Things Must Come To An End.” It’s at that time the band is expected to announce the first details of its farewell tour, which will likely last for a couple […]

Cult Of Luna Not Breaking Up

Cult of Luna

Fuck what you heard, because Cult Of Luna, as they’ve put it, “are not quitting.” They are, however, taking a break of sorts. Just to get their heads straight before regrouping again somewhere down the line. Says the band: “2013 have been a very active year for us and neither do we want or think […]

War From A Harlots Mouth Go On Hiatus

War From A Harlots Mouth

Yes, folks — it’s true. War From A Harlots Mouth will go on an indefinite hiatus at the end of this year. A statement from the band says “there are a lot of reasons for us to make that move and believe me when I say that it’s not an easy decision. But it feels […]