Details Surface On Former Korn Drummer’s Lawsuit

David Silveria

Thanks to this site, we now know even more about the lawsuit that’s been filed against Korn by the band’s original drummer David Silveria. Filed by Silveria’s attorney James Bryant, the suit seeks a forensic accounting of the band’s revenues from 2006 and damages for breaching a partnership agreement initiated after Korn tracked its first […]

Original Drummer Sues Korn

David Silveria

A lawsuit has been filed against Korn by the band’s original drummer David Silveria. TMZ claims the suit alleges Silveria’s 2006 departure from the band was actually just a hiatus. Silveria is said to have retained an ownership interest in the band and was apparently ready to rejoin them in 2013, but the band balked. […]

Structures Announce Impending Hiatus


A band I could never get into is getting out of the music business. Toronto-based Structures has announced plans to go on hiatus at the end of the year. Before they call it a day, they will play a handful of Canadian shows with Obey The Brave, Exalt, and Villains. Says the band: “We are […]

Shadows Fall Members To Remain Musically Active

Brian Fair

Shadows Fall is sadly no more, what with yesterday’s announcement they’ve decided to go on hiatus. Yet, the members of Shadows Fall plan to continue making music…just not together. Frontman Brian Fair intends to, anyways, with his Downpour project already in full swing. Drummer Jason Bittner expects to continue recording with various outfits and hopes […]

Shadows Fall Announce Hiatus

Shadows Fall

Shadows Fall will be going on hiatus. As such, they will embark on their final European tour in less than a week. The “Hell On Earth” trek, with the Acacia Strain, Unearth, and War of Ages, will begin in Frankfurt, Germany, on August 29 and run until September 14. Shadows Fall has been touring non-stop […]

Mudvayne Not Over Yet, Says Chad Gray


If given a Sophie’s-like choice, I’d definitely save Mudvayne over HellYeah any fucking day. HellYeah, to me, is one of the most damaging bands around. They’re grating, mind-numbing douche rock that gets slapped the metal tag because Vinnie Paul’s the drummer. They’re the soundtrack for ignorant decisions. I wish they never happened in the first […]

Mnemic: Probably Done


Guitarist Mircea Gabriel Eftemie of Danish metal band Mnemic claims that the band’s either done or on hiatus. Huh? He writes online: “Being the last original and founding member of Mnemic, I feel that it’s my responsibility and finally time to break the silence and shed some light on the band’s current situation and prospect. […]

Blood Stands Still Frontman Busted

Blood Stands Still

And it was for something most men are basically taught time and again NOT to do as they’re growing up: He put his hands on a woman in anger. Eric Muniz, vocalist for Southern Californian hardcore act Blood Stands Still, was allegedly arrested last weekend for assaulting the unidentified woman. He was thrown in the […]

Modern Day Escape Go On Hiatus

No one told Sandra

This is fantastic news, and kind of hilarious news, actually. Modern Day Escape, that awful band from Orlando your little sister’s into, has gone on an indefinite hiatus. That’s the good news. The even funnier news? They never told their drummer. “All good things must come to a PAUSE,” says the band, referencing themselves as […]

Ex Deo Done

Ex Deo

Maurizio Iacono of Kataklysm has announced his side project Ex Deo is dead. “Today I decided that Ex Deo and its legions will rest their arms,” he writes online. “We will take an indefinite leave of absence. There’s a good possibility that Romulus & Caligvla be the only sonic assaults that will ever see the […]