Wife Of Neurosis Frontman Ailing

Scott and his wife

When I see people launching crowdfunding campaigns online to help cover medical and housing expenses, it makes me feel like a complete asshole for launching one to help keep the blog alive. This campaign has been launched by a friend of Scott Kelly and his wife, Sarah. The Neurosis leader’s better half has been stricken […]

Vital Remains Singer Breaks Ribs During Santiago Set

Brian Werner

Everybody’s favorite asshole Brian Werner broke two ribs during a show in Santiago, Chile, with his band Vital Remains. I used to tolerate Werner back in the early days of the site because despite his obvious ignorance, he was supportive of what I was doing. But I have come to unappreciate him ever since. The […]

Mike Portnoy Apologizes For Rock Star Behavior

Mike Portnoy

But as is always the case with an asshole’s apology, it’s followed by a lengthy explanation detailing his rationale for behaving like he’s more important than regular people, effectively nullifying the apology. Mike, formerly of Avenged Sevenfold and Dream Theater, was in London for a gig and visited a hospital because he was feeling sick. […]

Saxon Drummer Rushed To Hospital


Well, isn’t this just a major bummer. British heavy metal masters Saxon have been forced to postpone the remaining dates on their U.K. tour. Last night, drummer Nigel Glockler was rushed to a hospital for treatment of an unspecified health issue. Says Saxon singer Biff Byford: “Devastating news that our friend and drummer Nigel has […]

Borknagar Frontman Hospitalized With Head Trauma


You know, a very ugly human being twice wished death on me this week. This person — a recent ex-girlfriend — was fucking serious, too. First, she texted me: “I hope you die in a fire.” The second time was yesterday, when she basically instructed me to have an aneurysm whilst driving down the highway […]

Eyes Set To Kill Announce Shows

Eyes Set To Kill

Their comely bassist has recovered, so Eyes Set To Kill are back to being a full-fledge band. I still can’t get over that shit. They’re more popular than any of us even knows. If you’re a masochist, tere is where and when you can catch the band performing with a bunch of other relevant acts: […]

Eyes Set To Kill Bassist Released From Hospital


Eyes Set To Kill bassist Anissa Rodriguez has been released from the hospital after going in last week for treatment of a blood clot behind her eye. If you have a crush on her like I do, you may not want to look at that picture, showing her left eye all blown up and shit. […]

Eyes Set To Kill Bassist Hospitalized

The Rodriguez Sisters

Eyes Set To Kill bassist Anissa Rodriguez has been hospitalized with a blood clot behind her eye. That has gotta be fucking painful. The band’s manager Daniel Vega has released the following statement regarding her condition: “The band and Anissa appreciate the overwhelming response and well wishes from all of you, it truly means a […]

Korn’s Head: Back In Business


Korn’s former and current guitarist Brian “Head” Welch is returning to the stage tonight. You may recall last week he was hospitalized with serious kidney stones. That is something you wanna try to avoid getting, kids. I hear it hurts like a motherfucker, especially when the stones pass through the urethra. Fuck. Anyways, Head had […]

Korn’s Head Hospitalized


If Korn were Voltron, Head would likely be the left leg. He would not be the head, as it were. But Korn’s guitarist — also known as Brian Welch — has been hospitalized and will be unable to perform at the band’s immediate Russian shows. He said online last night: “I’m in hospital for a […]