Eyes Set To Kill Announce Shows

Eyes Set To Kill

Their comely bassist has recovered, so Eyes Set To Kill are back to being a full-fledge band. I still can’t get over that shit. They’re more popular than any of us even knows. If you’re a masochist, tere is where and when you can catch the band performing with a bunch of other relevant acts: […]

Eyes Set To Kill Bassist Released From Hospital


Eyes Set To Kill bassist Anissa Rodriguez has been released from the hospital after going in last week for treatment of a blood clot behind her eye. If you have a crush on her like I do, you may not want to look at that picture, showing her left eye all blown up and shit. […]

Eyes Set To Kill Bassist Hospitalized

The Rodriguez Sisters

Eyes Set To Kill bassist Anissa Rodriguez has been hospitalized with a blood clot behind her eye. That has gotta be fucking painful. The band’s manager Daniel Vega has released the following statement regarding her condition: “The band and Anissa appreciate the overwhelming response and well wishes from all of you, it truly means a […]

Korn’s Head: Back In Business


Korn’s former and current guitarist Brian “Head” Welch is returning to the stage tonight. You may recall last week he was hospitalized with serious kidney stones. That is something you wanna try to avoid getting, kids. I hear it hurts like a motherfucker, especially when the stones pass through the urethra. Fuck. Anyways, Head had […]

Korn’s Head Hospitalized


If Korn were Voltron, Head would likely be the left leg. He would not be the head, as it were. But Korn’s guitarist — also known as Brian Welch — has been hospitalized and will be unable to perform at the band’s immediate Russian shows. He said online last night: “I’m in hospital for a […]

Drummer Bobby Jarzombek Hospitalized


Renowned drummer Bobby Jarzombek — known for his work with Halford, Fates Warning, and others — has been hospitalized, but is alright. He says on Facebook: “I’m in the hospital and need to stay here overnight. My left knee started hurting a bit when I was in Europe with Fates Warning last week. “The pain […]

Within The Ruins Cancel Remaining Tour Dates

Within The Ruins

That’s right, folks. Within The Ruins frontman Tim Goergen continues to suffer from undisclosed heart and liver ailments, and remains hospitalized under doctors’ care. But that means the band’s had to nix their remaining tour dates. Says the band: “Unfortunately, at this point we have no other option but to withdraw from the remaining dates […]

Within The Ruins Frontman Hospitalized

Within The Ruins

This weekend at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival in Worcester, I missed Within The Ruins’ performance. I went and got a bite to eat instead. Because…well, its Within The Ruins. So, I can’t say whether Within The Ruins vocalist Tim Goergen was looking peckish or not. But, yeah — dude has been hospitalized […]

Minnesota Man Fakes Being Rocker, Charged With Fraud

Alex Lifeson

Do rock stars not pay medical bills? It seems this is an epidemic: dudes not in bands saying they’re famous musicians to try and con hospitals out of their services. What the fuck? Now, a Minnesota man has been charged with fraud after saying he was a member of Canada’s Rush. He also claimed he […]

Warbringer Guitarist Hospitalized In Madrid

The old Warbringer

Oh no! You never wanna be in a hospital, but one in Madrid. I guess it’s better than having to go to a hospital in Ghana. Warbringer guitarist Adam Carroll has been hospitalized in Spain smack dab in the middle of the band’s ongoing European run. The band haven’t provided many details about the hospital […]