Otep A Free Agent After Final Victory Disc


Alas, Otep isn’t going to throw in the towel and retire. Why would she do that — to make me happy? No way, folks. Would I be a happier person if Otep called it quits? Likely no, since I give not even one fuck about her. But, I’d smile for a second, knowing I’d never […]

Former Killswitch Engage Singer Guesting On Within Temptation Disc


Yup. Former Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones (now in a band called Devil You Know) will appear on the next Within Temptation album Hydra. Tarja Turunen and Soul Asylum’s Dave Pirner will also deliver cameos for the disc, as will rapper Xzibit, from “Pimp My Ride” fame. Says band vocalist Sharon van Del: “I always […]

Otep Still Hating On “Fake Music News Sites”


Last week, Otep — who hasn’t been relevant since the late 1990s, when people would incorrectly read her name as Opeth, click on news posts, and then go, “Wait, I thought this was a story about Opeth…who’s Otep?” — slammed lesser blogs like ThePRP for being homophobic and sexist. She attacked Blabbermouth and its users, […]

Otep Talks Hydra, Hates On Lesser Blog


So, I don’t understand Otep’s appeal, but I accept that people dig her and think it’s righteous she’s an advocate for women’s and lesbian’s rights. It is unfortunate none of us men will ever get to touch that banging body without having a medical degree of some sort, but I digress. Otep has posted a […]

Otep Reveals New Album Name


It’s called Hydra. Because Otep likes ‘em wet. I kid. Yes, people — Otep Shamaya is still at it. She’ll be releasing new stuff in January through Victory Records. “There is always a beautiful madness that infects me when writing an album, but this one, Hyrda, is beginning to take control of me,” says Otep […]