Dimmu Borgir Pre-Production Begins

Shagrath works on some ideas

Would you look at that! That’s a picture from Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir. Apparently, he’s working on some new material for the band’s next record. At least that’s what I’m gathering from the image, which he’s posted online. Shagrath did not, however, offer up any kind of timeline for the next LP. It has been […]

Guy With My Name Producing Queensrÿche’s New One


I’ve never met Zeuss in real life, I’m afraid to say. The producer of some of my favorite record shares the same name: Chris Harris. Sometimes, I get emails from bands with albums that need producing, thinking I’m Zeuss. I can assure you we’re not the same people. That dude undoubtedly has a much nicer […]

Nile Still Tracking Next Record


If you read this site every day or every other day, then you already know that Nile has been working in a recording studio on a brand spankin’ new album. The record, it seems, will be out sometime this summer, if all goes well. Nile revealed today (while I was busy working) that they’ve started […]

Motörhead Tracking Next LP


Lemmy Kilmister must be feeling better following his recent health scares. Motörhead have returned to the recording studio to track their 22nd studio LP, which will be out later this year. The picture that accompanies this post features Lemmy in the studio, doing his thing. Although, Lemmy’s thing usually is banging out hotties. Lemmy proves […]

Tool Frontman Offers Album Update


Now I can believe Tool are actually working on a new record. Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan has confirmed it. He’s the all-important piece that needs to be there to complete that puzzle. Maynard offered the following online: “I’ve been making regular trips to LA to check on the writing progress of my Tool brethren. […]

Deftones Drummer Starts Tracking Next LP

Abe doing his thing, drinking some coffee

It’s official, baby. The Deftones are recording their next album. An image showing Abe Cunningham, the band’s drummer, behind the kit in a recording studio hit the web today, confirming fans’ suspicions tracking is well underway. The Deftones took a lot of the last year to write the new material, if memory serves. They had […]

Kylesa Working On Next Record


That’s right, folks. I used to be rather high on Kylesa way back when, and then they released that last record of theirs, which did absolutely nothing for me on any discernible level. But that’s just one person’s opinion. You may think they’re still the shit. I just think they just started getting a little […]

Zombi Recording Sixth Album


Typically, I’m not a fan of instrumental music. As I listen, I keep waiting for the vocals to come in, only to have those expectation shattered completely. Soccer similarly leaves me unsatisfied. I watch matches and keep thinking, “Just pick up the fucking ball already!” Anyways, Zombi is different. These two dudes create some super […]

Palms Back In The Studio


I miss Isis. They were a fucking stellar band with amazing songwriting capabilities. Their music spoke to a very primal part of me. Thankfully, Isis’ members have carried on with new projects. One of them, Palms, is pretty fucking rad. The group boasts Chino Moreno of the Deftones. Well, Palms has been in a recording […]

Sevendust Working On New Album


Fuck. Admittedly, that first Sevendust record was the joint. But ever since, Sevendust has done little to impress me. Nevertheless, Sevendust is in a recording studio in New Jersey, working on brand new music for their next record. It’s looking like the new material will be ready for release this summer. Something called All Access […]