Slayer Return To Recording Studio

The back of Kerry King's head in the studio

That’s right, fucknuts. Slayer’s back in a recording studio, and has resumed the recording of its impending album. The album will be out in early 2015, according to Slayer themselves. The record will be the band’s first for Nuclear Blast. Unless Gary Holt did some serious writing for it, I bet it’s not awesome. I […]

Butcher Babies Win For Worst Album Cover Ever


That useless band The Butcher Babies will release a covers EP on September 30. Just what the world needs. Uncovered is the name of the album with the lamst album cover ever. Each band member chose a track to record for the effort, which was produced by Logan Mader. One of them is an Osmonds […]

Butcher Babies Plot October Release

Butcher Babies

She didn’t say what the band would release but in a chat with Australia’s Music Feeds, Butcher Babies’ Heidi Shepherd revealed October would see the issuance of product from the T&A-flaunting rockers. I hope it’s a pocket pussy. The band has been spending much of the summer writing and recording some of the material for […]

Scott Weiland Impostor Arrested, Leading To False Reports

Scott Weiland

I could see why most people would believe a story about Scott Weiland being arrested. I mean, it’d be nothing new for the dude. He does love drugs, after all. But he’s also been sober, as of late, he claims. So, maybe he has grounds for a lawsuit following TMZ’s reportage that he’d been arrested […]

At The Gates Reveal New Album Cover

At War With Reality

Costin Chioreanu designed it, and it’s attached to this very post. The cover art for the new At the Gates record has been revealed. The band’s Tomas Lindberg says: “The concept of ‘At War with Reality’ is based on the literary genre called ‘Magic Realism.’ The main style within this genre is the notion that […]

Glenn Danzig Tracking Elvis Covers For EP

Looking good Glenn

Glenn Danzig is in a recording studio. Why? Because he’s Glenn Danzig, the onetime leader of the Misfits, and recording is what he does. Specifically, though, Glenn is currently busting ass on an EP of Elvis Presley covers. No joke. Glenn shared the news himself yesterday, with the attached photo from the studio. The sessions […]

At The Gates Finish New Album

At The Gates

One of the year’s most anticipated albums (at least from where I’m standing) is now recorded. Seminal Swedish metal act At the Gates have completed recording, mixing and mastering their comeback LP At War With Reality. The disc will be in stores October 28. It was recorded at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg and was mixed […]

Exodus Reveal New Album’s Artwork

Blood In, Blood Out

The cover art for the forthcoming Exodus album is attached to this post. In fact, it should be directly to the right of these words. Exodus unveiled the cover for Blood In, Blood Out today, announced it will be in stores October 14. Artist Par Olofsson did the cover. The new album is the first […]

Butcher Babies Broad Releasing Novel


I swear to fuck…anyone can get a book deal. Me, a natural born writer? Nope. I seem to be the only dude who can’t bag a book deal, and I’m fucking tired of it. Even one of the chicks from Butcher Babies, Carla Harvey, has a novel coming out. And on my birthday, no less. […]

Kirk Hammett Guests On New Exodus LP

Kirk Hammett

Not that I needed another reason to listen to the forthcoming Exodus record when it drops, but Kirk Hammett of Metallica apparently guests on the fucker. Kirk tells that he recently laid down a guitar solo on song “Salt In The Wound” on Blood In, Blood Out, which will be out this fall, with […]