Kirk Hammett Loses Riff-Filled Phone

Kirk Hammett

Apparently, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett likes to record riff ideas on his phone for future use. Similarly, I record voice notes to myself with my phone, with ideas for books and screenplays I’ll probably never get around to writing. Hammett, a recent guest on Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta’s podcast according to Blabbermouth, claims he lost […]

Kingdom Of Sorrow On Ice, Says Jasta

Kirk and Jamey

Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed knows how to work it. The dude stays in touch with his fans, and that’s wha’s helped him build up his own personal fanbase. There are more Jamey Jasta fans than there are Hatebreed fans, at this point. Good for Jamey. Case in point: A fan asked him on Twitter when […]

Neurosis Set Sights On Next LP


Scott Kelly from Neurosis claims new music from the band will be written soon. He tells Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed — who has his own podcast now — the group will begin writing new material for their next effort in February. Scott also reveals a three-week summer tour of the United States is also in […]

Stone Sour Covers Album In The Works

Elton John called. He wants his suit back.

Great. Just what the world needs. A cover album from Stone Sour. Super. It’ll be called Meanwhile In Burbank and drums for it are now being tracked in the Burbank, California-based studio of the group’s drummer, Roy Mayorga. Hence, the title. No word yet on what covers will appear on the disc. But let’s hope […]

Phil Labonte Admits Last All That Remains LP Sucked

All That Remains

All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte may not have any of my respect, but at least the dude’s honest and can admit that last album his band released was a piece of shit. On his recent stint on “The Jasta Show,” Phil said that the band’s next album — produced by Josh Wilbur — is […]

New Lamb Of God Due In 2015

Lamb of God

Randy Blythe, lead singer of Lamb of God, tells Jamey Jasta on his podcast that the new Lamb album will be out early next year. “I have been writing my book for a while but the majority of my book has been written since January,” started Blythe. “It will be released early part of next […]

Hatebreed Frontman Working With Disturbed Bassist

Jamey Jasta

Looks like Jamey Jasta’s been up to more than just podcasting. Looks like the dude may release a second solo record. Because that first one was so stellar, right? I don’t even remember whether it was good or bad. It was just not memorable. Anyways, Disturbed’s bassist, John Moyer — the same dude who just […]

Hatebreed Frontman Hatches Podcast


Today, the new podcast of Jamey Jasta — Hatebreed’s frontman and my former co-worker at MTV — launched, and you can check out the first episode below. The Jasta Show will be a weekly podcast will feature Jasta interviewing musicians, athletes and influential figures. During the first three episodes, Jamey Jasta interviews Eddie Hermida (vocalist […]

The Misfits Playing Gwar-B-Q

The Misfits

Man. Lately, it has been a struggle to get motivated. Some days, I just want to sleep in until the sun goes down. Yet, here I am, writing posts for this blog. Three energy drinks can’t even keep me from dozing. It’s weird. I literally just want to sleep all day, which might have something […]

Jamey Jasta To Open For The Misfits

Jamey Jasta

Remember when Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed released a solo album? It was a few years back, if I recall correctly, and the reception was rather lukewarm to the music, if I’m not mistaken. Regardless, Jasta will be performing three sets of his Jasta music this October. The three shows see Jasta opening for The Misfits. […]