Doomriders Almost Finished With New Disc


Jen Guyre is somewhere in the U.K. right now, but she’s undoubtedly psyched for the new Doomriders. Who is Jen Guyre? She’s a mad cool chick I worked at MTV with and she loves Doomriders. Loves. So much so that whenever I listen to Doomriders or see the band’s name in print, I think about […]

Red Chord Guitarist Guesting On New Doomriders


Holy hell, is that fantabulous fucking news. It seems that the ongoing Doomriders LP just got a little more interesting. The Red Chord’s guitarist Mike “Gunface” McKenzie was in the studio with the band this weekend. Doomriders are working on the new album at Godcity Studios recording with Converge’s Kurt Ballou engineering.

Doomriders Plotting New Album


Jen Guyre’s gonna be fucking psyched! Yes, my good friends. The stupendous Boson metal outfit Doomriders is cooking up some new shit. The band — boasting Converge bassist Nate Newton — is said to be in a recording studio, working on material for their next full-length release. This work is happening right now at Godcity, […]

Meshuggah Offering Free Song Download Online


My buddy in metal Jen Guyre works for Google now, and scored a sweet interview with Meshuggah. Along with that, she even scored Google Play a big victory by way of a free song download from the new Meshuggah album. Not sure why, at this point, you’d be downloading the song. By now, you should […]

Doomriders Writing New Tunes


This, my friends, is some fucking dope news. My friend Jen Guyre will be thrilled. Doomriders — the New England monolith featuring vocalist and guitarist Nate Newton, also the bassist for Converge and the guitarist for Old Man Gloom — informed the world that writing has commenced for the follow-up to 2009’s Darkness Come Alive, […]

Doomriders Get Permanent Drummer

I am pretty sure this is Q

Doomriders happens to be a band I think are, well, dope. Jen Guyre agrees with me completely. In fact, she probably likes them more than I do, even. But that’s neither here nor there. The truth is folks, most of the time, it’s easy to talk about members changes, but this one’s rather anticlimactic, as […]

Doomriders Drummer JR Conners Jumps Ship

Well, you know…he’s got a lot going on, what with Cave In mounting a comeback and whatnot. So drummer JR Conners has relieved himself from stoner metal outfit Doomriders. But don’t worry, little childrens. This sudden announcement will have no effect on the band’s upcoming September 6 gig with the almighty Sleep in Brooklyn, which […]