Former Keyboardist For Yngwie Malmsteen Dies In Thailand

Mats Johan Olausson

I sure do hope that when I die, it’s not in fucking Thailand. I don’t know, but that strikes me as a rather sad and dangerous place to end up dead — and I’ve been to India! But yes, Mats Johan Olausson is dead. The former keyboardist for Yngwie Malmsteen was 54. Mats’ lifeless corpse […]

Kamelot Touring Without Usual Keyboardist


That’s like peanut butter with no jelly. Like turkey with no gravy. Well, it’s not like that at all. But yes, Kamelot keyboardist Oliver Palotai has released a statement. “This September, Kamelot will bring the ‘Silverthorn Tour 2013′ to North America! It will be a big metal party, with our friends Delain and Eklipse.” Oli […]

Geoff Tate’s Keyboardest Suffers Heart Attack

Randy Gane

Damn, dude. Heart attacks and cancer. They’ll get you every time, man. Lucky for Geoff Tate keyboardist Randy Gane, his heart attack didn’t kill him. He suffered one Wednesday night and is recovering, Geoff’s Facebook page says. The singer is asking fans to “please send [their] prayers and positive thoughts to [his] good friend.” I […]

Abigail Williams Explain Sudden Return

Abigail Williams

Abigail Williams announced recently that the shortest break up in music history had ended. We’ve been confused ever since, but now, the band has brought some clarity to the situation. I think. “A few months back we announced we would no longer be touring and trust me that was a genuine feeling at the time. […]

Abigail Williams Reunite With Ashley Ellyllon

She has nice eyes

So, I have no idea what the fuck is going on with Abigail Williams. Are they actually a band again? Are they just releasing new music? I think someone needs to clarify shit. We learned today that the forthcoming Abigail Williams record will feature the talents of the delightfully-chesty keyboardist Ashley Ellyllon. “We are happy […]

The Devil Wears Prada Keyboardist Was Fired

The Devil Wears Prada

Last week, we read somewhere that The Devil Wears Prada’s keyboardist was out of the band. We didn’t care all that much, so we didn’t write about it. Well, it turns out James Baney’s recent departure was forced on him. He was fired. “While I appreciate the support, one thing should be cleared up,” Baney […]

Dr. Acula Keyboard Player Quits So Here’s A Picture Of Kate Upton

Kate hates heavy bands with keyboardists

Dr. Acula keyboard player Joey Simpson has quit the band. In fact, he did it several weeks ago. He’s now just getting around to making it public, and issued a statement to Lambgoat, in an effort to combat online rumors and misinformation. The dude bounced on June 20 after two releases with the band, and […]

It Is “All Gravy” With Chimaira, Says Frontman Hunter


Chimaira vocalist Mark Hunter has commented on the departure of the band’s keyboardist and programmer Chris Spicuzza, writing on the group’s official forum that “it’s all gravy” with Chimaira. All gravy? That shit’s fucking whack. Who says that? “All hail Spicuzza,” says Hunter in his statement. “[It’s] good to see the love you guys express […]

Opeth Part Ways With Keyboardist Per Wiberg


This is fucking sad news, because I love what he’s done on Opeth’s previous records, but yes — Opeth keyboardist Per Wiberg has been relieved of his Opeth duties, as part of a mutual decision with the band. Keyboard duties on upcoming tours will be handled by a musician who is already rehearsing with the […]

Chimaira Down A Keyboardist As Chris Spicuzza Bounces

Chris Spicuzza

First of all, I didn’t realize Chimaira even had a keyboardist/programmer, but they did. That’s because Chris Spicuzza has officially announced his departure from the band. He provided a statement to ThePRP, saying he decided to leave the band back in January. “The choice was extremely tough and stewed around in my mind for quite […]