This Is The Last Time You’ll See The Words ‘King 810’ On This Site

King 810

I actually revile the very existence of King 810, the Michigan-based architects of gangsta metal. Which is why this will be the very last post you ever see about them here, on Frankly, folks, the ‘hood metal upstarts have proven — in mere months, mind you — that they’re simply a bunch of ignorant […]

King 810 Frontman Cleared In Beating Case

King 810

According to a posting on the Facebook page of the Flint, Michigan gangsta metal band everyone loves to hate, King 810, the case against the group’s vocalist David Gunn (formerly known as David Swan) has been dismissed. Bummer. Gunn was accused in the 2013 critical beating of a man outside of a bar in his […]

King 810 Flaunt Recent Arrests

Sheeeeeeet, ninja

Like a 14-year-old running through a summer camp with the bra he managed to talk off a chick, King 810 have posted a picture online, basically verifying the arrests of singer David Gunn and bassist Eugene Gill. They must be so proud. Both goons were charged last week in the 2013 critical beating of a […]

King 810 Members Arrested For Assault


Well, I guess that’s it for gangsta metal outfit King 810. And I was really looking forward to making fun of them over the course of their long, illustrious career. Two members of the Flint, Michigan, band were arrested the other day in connection to the 2013 critical beating of a man outside a bar. […]

King 810 Are So Hardcore, They Bring Guns To Shows

King 810

I know that King 810 is supposed to be a band full of tough guys who hail from a murder capitol where people murder for capital, but this…this is just fucking stupid and does not send the right kind of message, I don’t think. Roadrunner Records’ latest signees were in Columbus, Ohio, this weekend to […]

King 810 Sign With Roadrunner

King 810

So, I guess Flint, Michigan, is basically like Bartertown, only without all the order. It’s a rough place to have to grow up, it seems, and there’s nothing funny about that. Roadrunner Records has signed a band from Flint called King 810, and you can hear what they sound like at the end of this […]

Avenged Sevenfold Headlining Mayhem Festival

Avenged Sevenfold

You have known for week’s what the lineup would be. Now, it officially sucks shit. The lineup for the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival has been announced, and as expected, features the following bands: Avenged Sevenfold Korn Asking Alexandria Trivium Cannibal Corpse Suicide Silence Miss May I Mushroomhead Emmure Texas Hippie Coalition Veil Of Maya […]

Lineup For Mayhem Fest Leaked A Second Time


If there was any doubt before that this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival was going to blow horse dick, let’s just clear that shit up right now. This year’s Mayhem fest is not worth attending. Plain and simple. The bands on this year’s lineup were once again leaked last night, this time on the […]

Killswitch Engage, Quicksand Join Download Bill

Killswitch at the Grammys

Fuck, how I wish I had readers in Knebworth! Then maybe I’d consider mailing myself to the United Kingdom in a crate, so I could go witness the Download Festival in all its glory. The bill just added a shit ton of bands, and I thought I’d fill you in on those latest additions. Killswitch […]

Terror, Goatwhore Added To New England Metal & Hardcore Festival

"Hey cookie, I dropped my pencil"

They might as well just release the entire lineup already. It’s not like the bill doesn’t already fucking rule. You think adding Terror’s going to get some kid to go, “Wait one hot fucking second! I wasn’t sold until this Terror announcement. Fuck it, I’ll go.” At this point, people are either going or not […]