Ex-Knights Of The Abyss Members Start Apparitions


There’s a new band in town, folks. It’s Arizona-based death metal outfit Apparitions, and the group features two former members of Knights of the Abyss. Bassist Griffin Kolinski and guitarist Brian McNulty, formerly of Knights of the Abyss, are those two aforementioned members. Sorry to be so fucking redundant. “When Knights of the Abyss finished our […]

Knights Of The Abyss: Still On Hiatus

Knights Of The Abyss

According to a recent Facebook update, nothing’s new with Knights Of The Abyss. They’re still on hiatus, and their members are busy doing non-Knights Of The Abyss related shit. “…In all seriousness, we have been on an ‘indefinite hiatus.’ There is no telling what the future holds for Knights. We are all currently involved in […]

Whitechapel Drummer Explains Departure


I forget how long ago it was that we brought you the news about Tennessean metallers Whitechapel parting ways with drummer Kevin Lane and replacing him with Ben Harclerode of Knights of the Abyss. Well, now that shit’s official. Lane has returned home to Kingsport, Tennessee and is planning to go back to school. In […]

Whitechapel Parts Ways With Drummer Kevin Lane

Ben Harclerode

That’s the word this morning. Whitechapel, of course, have yet to officially confirm this new development, but mark my words: They’ll be issuing a statement later today or tomorrow, confirming Kevin Lane’s no longer their drummer. I just hope said statement will contain details about the unexpected lineup shift. I wonder what happened between Lane […]

Full Blown Chaos To Tour With Bands With Long Names

I would have put them in the headline, but then the headline would’ve been a paragraph long. Full Blown Chaos — the mighty New York metal outfit that recently signed with Ironclad Recordings and will release new music in early 2011 — will be hitting the road with Knights Of The Abyss and The Autumn […]

New Music From Cephalic Carnage, Opeth: Odds & Ends

So, from time to time, there’s just not enough time to get up news about every single thing that goes down in a day, so I’ve started this new wrap-up column that — if need be — will appear from time to time when there’s lots of little, yet awesome bits of news to report, […]

Knights Of The Abyss Announces Tour, Debuts New Cut

Arizona metallers Knights of the Abyss have a new album coming out August 17 called The Culling of Wolves and its fucking heavy, dude. As a really heavy thing. It would maybe remind you of the Burn The Priest record. At times. Or early Black Dahlia Murder. Either ways, they’ve got this new track called […]

Devourment Sign With Relapse

“Cult underground” death metallers Devourment have joined the Relapse Records kith, according to a post on the band’s MySpace page. These dudes are pretty fucking severe. Grind meets death metal, spewed forth with vomitous viciousness…its really a thing of beauty. Frontman Mike Majewski is overjoyed by the news. “We are extremely excited to be a […]

Knights Of The Abyss: LP Coming August 17

Ferret Music will soon release the latest album from Arizona’s Knights of the Abyss, a fury-fueled metal group I have been listening to since May. Their third album, The Culling of Wolves, is, from what I’ve heard, heavier than a bucket full of Ununoctium. I think it’s going to shock quite a few people. The […]

Cattle Decapitation Announces Fall Tour Dates

Deathgrinders Cattle Decapitation are an awesome band who’ve been plagued by lineup shifts. They’ve had about 30 drummers in the last two years, meaning the band spends all of its time looking for new drummers. That kind of energy detracts from the task at hand: kicking ass. So its nice to see the band seems […]