Slipknot To Tour With Korn


There’s Slipknot news aplenty this morning. Weird. Of all the days there’d be heavy Slipknot news, it’s gotta be my birthday. The ‘Knot has revealed the dates for their North American “Prepare For Hell” tour, promoted exclusively by Live Nation. It is set to kick off immediately following the band’s previously announced Knotfest in late […]

Five Finger Death Punch Dude Gets Face Tattoo

Driven to craft shitty rock

I feel like only rich rock stars and the criminally insane can pull of the face tattoo. Good thing Jason Hook of Five Finger Death Punch is one of those. Continuing a trend started by some of the Korn dudes, Hook has gotten some ink on his face. The word “Driven” now appears on his […]

Metal Dudes React To Robin Williams’ Suicide

Robin Williams

Yesterday morning, while we were all living, comedian and movie legend Robin Williams was busy dying. The dude suffered from serious depression and killed himself. Sad, for sure. But look, I suffer from serious depression, too. And am seriously broke. And I’m not hanging myself. So, to be honest, I can’t feel too, too bad […]

Emigrate Album To Feature Lemmy, Korn’s Davis


I’ve heard Emigrate’s music, and I think it’s Emiawful. But that’s OK. That doesn’t mean anything. You may like them, and that’s fine. We all can’t like the same shit, folks. In case you are a Rammstein fan, Emigrate features that band’s guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe. Emigrate’s sophomore album, Silent So Long, looks to be […]

Korn Looking For Bullying Victims For Next Video


Korn is one of the last remaining rock bands that still considers videos an important promotional tools. For the most part, music videos are just a waste of cash.
 Korn will soon make a video for their new song “Hater” and wants their fans to help with the project. The band is asking for people […]

Former Korn Drummer’s Infinika Releasing Debut


Original Korn kitman Dave Silveria has an unfortunately-named band called Infinika with the former frontman for Anyone, Riz Story. At the end of this post, you can hear what that project sounds like…if you dare. Infinika will digitally release its debut album, Echoes And Traces, on September 1. The set boasts 14 original tracks, including […]

Korn Members Pray For Their Fans In Movie Trailer


Someone once tried to tell me that the reason this web site isn’t bigger than it should be is because I don’t pray. I know plenty of people who pray for shit that never happens, so instead of wasting my time asking some omnipresence who has never made its presence known to me to magically […]

Korn’s “Hater” Hits Radio


Whatever you do today, don’t listen to commercial rock radio. If there’s even such a station in your region. Personally, I never listen to terrestrial radio, unless its for traffic updates. So I will be missing the new Korn single easily. However, I would like to warn all of you that today, Korn’s new track […]

Korn Reissuing Last Album With New Song


I hate when bands do this. Don’t re-sell your fans something. That’s just bad form, bro. Yet, Korn will do it again, this time issuing an expanded version of their most recent album, The Paradigm Shift. The opening of the new version of the LP will boast a new song called “Hater,” which will also […]

Updated List Shows What Certain Bands Command For Live Appearances

Queens of the Stone Age

Remember a few weeks ago, we posted a link to a story detailing what certain bands make for live gigs? If not, it’s here. To remind you. Now, there’s another list out, that claims to be more up-to-date and accurate. Here’s a tally of the booking fees for a number of rock and metal artists. […]