Artillery Lose Singer


Yup. Singer Søren Adamsen has left Danish thrash metal band Artillery. Why? For “personal reasons.” I guess too personal to disclose to the world? Already, dude’s been replaced by Michael Bastholm Dahl, who has already played two successful shows with the band in Denmark “One thing I do know — I have been given the […]

Eths Singer Quits

Candice Clot

Oh bummer! Singer Candice Clot has announced her departure from the Marseille, France-based metalcore band Eths — whose album we streamed not too long ago. “I am leaving four friends, two of which I even consider as brothers,” says Clot. “I made this choice for personal and family reasons.” She wasn’t more specific about those […]

Bassist Leaves Lynch Mob

Robbie Crane

OH NO! How am I supposed to get through the rest of my fucking day knowing that bassist Robbie Crane has left Lynch Mob? I’ll just have to power through. “With much thought and regret, I am resigning as the bass player of Lynch Mob,” Crane writes to his fan. Yes, fan. “Thank you to […]

Enemy Of The Sun Part With Bassist

Absinthe Green

That’s right, people. Enemy of the Sun and busty blonde bassist Absinthe Green have gone their separate ways. Bummer. “I would like to announce that I am no longer a member of Enemy of the Sun,” Green announced. “This may come as a surprise to many and has been an issue of much thought for […]

U.D.O. Guitarist Jumps Ship

Stefan Kaufmann

Well, this is a bummer to be sure. Citing his health, guitarist Stefan Kaufmann has announced his departure from U.D.O. He wasn’t more specific about his health issues, but we’re hoping he makes a full recovery from whatever it is. For those of you are oblivious, U.D.O.’s a German metal band fronted by erstwhile Accept […]

Static-X Bassist Quits

Brent and his lady

Can you blame him? Imagine having to hang around with Wayne Static all day, thinking his shit don’t stink. But let me tell you something, Wayne — your shit stinks. It smells real bad, buddy. Anyways, so, yeah — bassist Brent Ashley has left Static-X. His final show with the band went down September 1 […]

Decapitated Drummer Quits


Oh shit, that’s fucking whack as fuck. Drummer Kerim “Krimh” Lechner has jumped the good ship Decapitated, saying there are “Too many personal differences and other difficulties” for him to contend with, and he mist leave. “I appreciate the good times we had together and what we could achieve in more than two and a […]

System Of A Down Drummer Leaves Scars On Broadway

Scars On Broadway

Good move, dude. Seriously. Of all the System of a Down offshoots, Scars On Broadway is definitely the worst, and that’s saying a shit ton. SOAD drummer John Dolmayan says he is no longer involved with Scars, the project led by System’s Daron Malakian. Scars On Broadway is said to be working on a new […]

Evergreen Terrace Lose Guitarist

Evergreen Terrace

Guitarist and founding member Josh James has left Evergreen Terrace. Why? Well, he’s decided to focus full-time on on Stick To Your Guns, the band he became a part of this year. “In 1999, a few friends and I started Evergreen Terrace,” says James. “The band has been a huge part of my life, but […]

Dr. Acula Singer Quits, Rejoins My Bitter End

Tyler Guida

That’s right, folks. Dr. Acula are down a man now that Tyler Guida’s both quit and rejoined his old band, My Bitter End. Guida had been with Dr. Acula for the last few years; so far, there’s been no official explanation offered for his sudden departure. In a statement, My Bitter end confirmed it had […]