Evisorax Guitarist Viciously Attacked, Facing Major Surgery


When I was in college, I was jumped by a bunch of dudes. It was all over a chick. I was in a bar, working my mojo, while my friends were working theirs. I was talking to this chick, and things were going well. Next thing I know, some douche is telling me “I was […]

Baroness Issue Update; Frontman Relives Accident

Baroness are recovering

Baroness have had one hell of a year. They release an album hailed by everyone as fucking awesome, build an audience bigger than they’ve ever had, and tragedy strikes. The band was involved in a freak bus accident this summer, and have issued an update online about how they’re doing. Here is that statement in […]

Baroness Dudes Released From The Hospital

Baroness in the hospital

Yup. This is pretty sweet news. Every single member of Baroness has been released from the hospital. As you know, Baroness were involved in a near-fatal accident when their tour bus plummeted off a ravine in the United Kingdom. John Baizley walked away from the accident with a broken left arm and left leg while […]

Baroness Release Hospital Photo, Thank Fans

Baroness' members recovering

They look good. At least they’re smiling, right? That’s a positive sign that Baroness are on the road to recovery after running off the road in England last week, down a ravine, in a horrific bus accident. Guitarist and vocalist John Baizley has broke his left arm and left leg. Drummer Allen Blickle and bassist […]

Baroness Members Broke Bones, Vertebrae In Bus Accident

Baroness' bus

Obviously, we all knew yesterday that Baroness’ bus crash had to have been bad. The bus careened 30 feet down the site of a hill, into a wooded area. I knew they had to have been injured. But holy fuck, that crash fucked them up. A statement released by the band says “Baroness and their […]

Black Label’s Zakk Wylde Released From The Hospital

After undergoing treatment at a Nebraska hospital for blood-clotting in his leg, Black Label Society founder and leader Zakk Wylde has been released back into the wild and is expected to rock the stage tonight in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Zakk had to pulled out of two days of the “Black Label Berzerkus” tour after being rushed […]