Sessions For New Kataklysm Coming To An End


It’s true, ladies and jerks. The end is nearly near for Kataklysm, who are just about finished with their new album. The recording sessions have been ongoing for months now. The disc, when it is released, will be called Of Ghosts & Gods. Mark Lewis produced the vocal sessions with frontman Maurizio Iacono, who offered […]

Battlecross Still Recording


It’s true, people. Battlecross have a new album written. And yes, they continue to work on that album as you read this shit. Recording sessions are underway at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida. The group are said to be working with producers Jason Suecof and Mark Lewis on the new disc. A release through Metal […]

Battlecross Start Pre-Production For Next LP


A band we’re fond of around here known to the world as Battlecross have travelled to the warm and illustrious wilds of Sanford, Florida. There, they have started the pre-production for their new album at Jason Suecof’s Audiohammer Studios. Both Suecof and Mark Lewis will be involved with the production of the new album. That’s […]

Kataklysm Schedule Studio Time


This January, it’s back to the recording studio for Katkalysm, who plan to begin tracking their next album during those sessions. The band’s own guitarist J.F. Dagenais will oversee the instrumental portion of the record, while vocals will be overseen by producer Mark Lewis, who is also just an all-around cool dude. Handling the mixing […]

Coal Chamber Album In Pre-Production

Coal Chamber

The reunited Coal Chamber have entered the pre-production phase for their impending comeback LP. The band’s working on the album in Los Angeles, California, at the moment. A total of 17 tracks has been written for the disc so far, which the band will start tracking with producer Mark Lewis in the not-so-distant future. Lewis […]

Unearth, Darkest Hour To Tour


Today, Unearth decided to let the cat out of the bag about their new record. Mark Lewis is producing the record, which we already knew would be called Watchers Of Rule. Look for that to drop on late October. Also today, word has sprung forth of a tour that will see the band teaming with […]

Unearth Name New One


The name of the next Unearth album is kind of underwhelming. It is Watchers of Rule. This, according to a report available here. The album will be released October 28 on eOne Music. Who knows? Maybe it’ll even be listenable? Unearth announcing a new album gets me about as excited as a colorectal exam makes […]

Unearth, Decapitated Tour In The Works


A single date has been set, but more could be coming. Looks as though Unearth, Decapitated, Carnifex and Origin will be doing some touring together later on in the year. All four bands are booked to play West Hollywood, California, on November 5 at the House Of Blues. Let’s see what happens. Origin will be […]

Unearth Album Coming October 28


Maybe I’m just a jaded asshole but I’ve never been able to listen to Unearth without laughing. I mean, they’re just kind of silly and non-threatening. And irrelevant. But I digress. This post is about the band’s impending new album, which maybe you’re young and stupid enough to actually want. An October 28 release date […]

Cannibal Corpse Leader Defends Gathering Gig

Cannibal Corpse

So, I absolutely expressed utter disbelief when the lineup for this year’s “Gathering Of The Juggalos” and Cannibal Corpse were on it, but would never fault the dudes for playing a money gig. In a new interview, Cannibal’s frontman George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher eloquently defends the band’s decision to play for the Juggy ones. “We needed […]