Readers’ Bands: Programmable Animal Confuse Me

Programmable Animal

For me, there’s no joy in telling some band they’re terrible. I don’t get off — as some have suggested — on bashing “talented people who’re just trying to do their thing.” I was raised to be honest. Transparent. Perhaps that’s why I got into journalism. If I can’t be honest, I can’t be me, […]

Readers’ Bands: Reduced To Ash Are Badass

Reduced To Ash

So, for a while there, I stopped writing the Readers’ Bands column because, well, I was fixing to shut the site down. But I’ve since reconsidered, with a patron campaign currently underway to raise funds to the site’s continued operation. Hence, I’ll be doing two Readers’ Bands columns a week going forth. If you’re a […]

Four Revamped Metal Classics That Rule

Reign in Blood

Normally, when I go on YouTube, I look at people doing dumb stuff. Videos of folks doing cringeworthy stuff seems to be my favorite in recent weeks. Like, have you seen this tool rage about how he’s better than everyone else because he wears a fedora? He seems almost as bearable to hang out with […]

Incinerate Exclusive Song Stream: “From Distant Worlds”

Eradicate Terrestrial Species

Good morning, people. How the fuck are you this fine Wednesday? I’m doing just fucking dandy. Why’s that? Our pals at Clawhammer PR (dudes who’ve supported this site since day one) were in touch over the weekend, and said that it’d be cool if GSA debuted a fresh new track from death metal Minnesotans Incinerate. […]

Tenacious D Wins Metal Grammy

Brent and Brann on the red carpet

Fuck the Grammys in the fucking ear. Not only couldn’t the fuckers behind America’s lamest awards show actually come up with a list of nominees worth voting for in the Best Hard Rock and Metal Performance” category, they went and let Tenacious D — a joke band — win the prize this year. Tenacious D. […]

Guest Column: Three Bands You May Not Know But Should By Karma To Burn’s Evan Devine

Karma To Burn

By now, you should know the drill. We’ve been having musicians from across metal’s grand spectrum pen brief guest columns for us on a number of engaging topics: must-read books, must-see films, and bands you may not know but absolutely should. Today’s column comes from from Evan Devine, the drummer for Karma to Burn. Noon […]

Borland Says He Doesn’t Hate Being In Limp Bizkit

It's Limp Bizkit

The other day, after Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland went off on his douchebag fans in his whiny rant about having to play the ShipRocked cruise this weekend, I posited the dude should leave the group. To me, it seems like Wes feels stuck. Like most of us with dead-end jobs, he sticks around for […]

For Once, I Agree With All That Remains Frontman Phil Labonte

All That Remains

OK, maybe twice. I did agree with his keen assessment that the last All That Remains album was a gigundo pile of manure. Twice. Twice in my life, I have agreed with Phil Labonte about something. The diminutively-statured lead singer for All That Remains recently sat down for an interview with Revolver magazine, as part […]

UnKured Exclusive Album Stream: Mutated Earth


Do you dig death-thrash? I mean, do you dig death-thrash for real? Well then, proceed to the end of this post. where you’ll find UnKured’s new album streaming in its entirety. The Ohio thrash metallers’ debut disc is called Mutated Earth and you can stream it now, for free. Gratis. Zero. Zilch. Nada. All that. […]

Readers’ Bands: California’s Otoño Are Severe


If you like your metal rough, raw, and without all the frills that come with enlisting a capable producer, then you’re going to dig Otoño. From their pictures, it would appear that Otoño has no drummer. Which leads me to believe they use a drum machine. Wouldn’t be the first time a band’s done this […]