Obituary’s Backdrop Stolen In Holland

The backdrop

Floridian death metal outfit Obituary have had their stage backdrop pilfered. The theft went down July 26 at the Stonehenge festival in Steenwijk, Holland. “It happened right after our performance while we were packing up our equipment. Here is a photo of it so if you know who has it or think you might know […]

Obituary Name New Disc


Sorry for the radio silence all weekend, folks. I was busy visiting family and hanging with the girl. But I’m back now, and I’ll try not to ever do it again. Here’s some news you may enjoy: Florida death metal veterans Obituary have named their forthcoming opus. It’s been christened Inked In Blood. The band’s […]

Judge Approves Unlocking The Truth’s Recording Contract

Unlocking The Truth

It must be summer. There’s no fucking news, anywhere. So, here’s some word on tween metal act Unlocking The Truth. The band’s recording contract with The Cherry Group/Sony was officially approved in a New York City court this week. Because the kids are so young, a judge had to approve the deal, which could land […]

Readers’ Bands: Let’s Meet Greek Metal Act Damned Creed

Damned Creed

Believe it or not, you are not alone. You are like many people around the globe: You’re a reader of this very site, and you’re awesome for that. Lots of our readers, it turns out, have bands. Unsigned bands for the most part — baby bands looking for love in the press, but not able […]

Don Slater’s Pork Chop Express: An Introduction


GSA is thrilled to have Don Slater on board as our newest writer and columnist. Don is the talented and entertaining bassist for Battlecross, a metal band from Michigan you’ve likely heard of. If you’ve never seen the band live, change that as soon as you fucking can; trust me. Don’s column debuts today with […]

Readers’ Bands: Let’s Check Out New England Rockers Mongrel


Not that long ago, a fellow by the name of Adam Savage wrote us to sing our praises. “Just found the site and really enjoy it,” Adam writes, before pitching us on his female fronted “rock-punk-metal” band. Rock-punk-metal, you say? That’s like the mafia restaurant near my house that has a sign out front that […]

Monsterworks Exclusive Song Stream: “Trial Of The Sentient”


We’ve got something of a special working relationship with Monsterworks: We dig their music, they dig this site. Together, we’ve shared a bunch of streams with you…just like we’re about to do now. Monsterworks will issue their new album, Overhaul, on August 26 through Eat Lead and Die Music. The album will be available as a […]

Unlocking The Truth To Hit The Studio

Unlocking The Truth

Over the weekend, we told you about Brooklyn metal band Unlocking The Truth, who’re all in the eighth grade and inked a $1.8 million deal with Sony. They’ll never fucking see half of that money, because they’ve got to pull off the impossible: sell 250,000 copies of a metal record by a band with no […]

8th Grade Metal Band Inks Deal With Sony

Unlocking The Truth

That band of 8th graders from Brooklyn, Unlocking the Truth, have signed a major label fucking recording deal with Sony Music. That’s fucking awesome but at the same time scary. That’s a lot of pressure to put on kids that age, but it certainly seems the band’s willing and up for the challenge. Congrats, fellas. […]

Threshold To Release New One In September

For The Journey

Progressive metal outfit Threshold have a new album on the way called For The Journey. Look for that disc to drop September 19 through Nuclear Blast. The effort was produced at Thin Ice Studios in England by Threshold members Karl Groom and Richard West. The disc was mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox in Finland.