Publicist UK Sign With Relapse

Brett Bamberger

Relapse Records’ latest signing is a band boasting members of Revocation, Municipal Waste, and Goes Cube. Publicist UK features Revocation bassist Brett Bamberger, Municipal Waste’s drummer Dave Witte, and Goes Cube guitarist David Obuchowski. Publicist UK will begin recording their full-length debut in late October. Sessions will take place at Wild Arctic Studios in Dover, […]

Gunshy Assassin Presents: The Disastercast With Iron Reagan’s Tony Foresta

Tony Foresta

We’re back in action with some podcasts, people. That’s right. It’s been a few weeks, but the Disastercast returns this week with Iron Reagan’s own Tony Foresta, a hell of a nice dude who chatted us about briefly about the new disc and voiced his frustrations with people who don’t look after their fucking kids. […]

Iron Reagan Seeks Video Extras

Iron Reagan

Iron Reagan are pretty fucking dope, in my unimportant opinion. So would I appear in one of their videos? Fuck yes, I would. Alas, I live no where near the Portland, Oregon, location of the video shoot. If you are a fan of the band, live near Oregon, and would like to be an extra […]

When Little Girls Go Metal: A Dissertation On Babymetal


Who here is a mite concerned that people are trying to change the definitions of words? Certain words are meant to have narrow meanings, but through overuse and lazy application, language loses its value and people with ulterior motives can use the vastly broad terms to do some scary stuff. I won’t bore you with […]

Revocation Member Sustains Injury, According To Gwar


The other day, Revocation announced the cancellation of their impending tour dates due to unforeseen circumstances. Now, according to Gwar, whose Gwar B-Q the band backed out of playing this week, we know the reason for Revocation’s decision. “A member of Revocation suffered an injury, forcing them to withdraw from the Gwar B-Q,” says the […]

Iron Reagan Release New Tune

Iron Reagan

Wanna hear a quick, explosive new tune from Iron Reagan? Then go to the end of this post. There, you will find “Miserable Failure” streaming in all its thunderous glory. The song comes from their new album The Tyranny Of Will. Relapse will issue the disc September 16.

Iron Reagan Releasing Relapse Debut This September

The Tyranny of Will

Iron Reagan will issue its Relapse debut, The Tyranny Of Will, on September 16. The 24-song wrecking ball of thrash-imbued hardcore punk fury was recorded with guitarist Phil Hall at Blaze of Torment Studios in Richmond, Virginia, and self-produced with Converge’s Kurt Ballou mixing it. The track listing for the disc follows. Iron Reagan, as […]

Revocation, Municipal Waste Members Launch Publicist UK

Dave Witte

There is a new band on the scene, a band boasting members of Revocation and Goes Cube. Publicist UK is the new group formed by Municipal Waste drummer Dave Witte and Revocation bassist Brett Bamberger. The band also features guitarist David Obuchowski (Goes Cube) and vocalist Zachary Lipez (Freshkills). Here’s a song from the group:

Gunshy Assassin Presents: The Disastercast With Vallenfyre’s Greg MacKintosh


Is it already Thursday? Must mean it’s time for a new episode of our illustrious podcast. Always worth a quick listen, the Disastercast is growing with each installment, getting better and better guests. Like this week’s podcast interview with Greg MacKintosh from Vallenfyre and Paradise Lost. Vallenfyre will release a new album next week called […]

Denver Black Sky Nabs Nails, Municipal Waste


Let me just throw this out there. Nails are one of the best bands going right now. No shit. Think about that for a second, and try to formulate an argument against it. Just try. That statement is fact, and they proved their mettle to me recently with their performance at the New England Metal […]