Todtgelichter’s Tobias and Tentakel Parkinson: The Gun Shy Email Interview


Yesterday, we brought you an exclusive album stream from German avant-garde black metal band Todtgelichter, a band you should get to know. To that end, we sent the band — who’re like nothing you’ve heard before — a couple of questions by email, and vocalist Tobias and drummer Tentakel Parkinson gave us some pretty cool […]

Vext Release New Tune — Hear It Now


I hate to say it, but “Maid of Gold” is pretty good, as far as songs go. I dig it. And it didn’t take multiple listens, as with previous Vext tunes. That’s to say, in the past, Vext took some time to grow on me. Because I’m a surly elitist. But the song at the […]

Mutiny Within “To Continue Making Music”

The band's sole fan

I just got a sad press release. It was titled “MUTINY WITHIN To Continue Making Music; Band’s New Album Synchronicity Out Now!” Wait. So, have they continued making music as in, they’re working on new tripe now, or does the “continue making music” thing a reference to the new album? I’m confused. And bored. Apparently, […]

Mutiny Within Announce Release Date For New LP


Mutiny Within will issue a new album on January 12, 2013. That’s about all the news you’ll get in this post. Mutiny Within’s unnecessary sophomore LP is named after The Police’s biggest album. Synchronicity. Why not just name your record Houses of the Holy? If you’re going to jack an album title, just go for […]

Mutiny Within Finishing Up New Album

She's fan #2

Oh yes, folks. The recording is almost done. Yes, folks — Mutiny Within are nearly done with their reunion album, Synchronicity. “Final mixing/mastering is complete,” the band writes online. “Just waiting for the power to be restored in NJ to get final approvals off the rest of the band…” Now, I’m hoping the power stays […]

Mutiny Within’s Hiatus Over

She'll be psyched

Drats! I thought I was done having to think about Mutiny Within. But no — the New Jersey metal band’s decided their year-long hiatus should be over. The band’s even got an album coming called Synchronicity; a trailer for the album follows at the end of this post. Mutiny Within’s second album had been shelved, […]

Vext Release Teaser Trailer For New EP

Tommy Vext

Hmm. So, I have my thoughts on this trailer, and the music contained within. But I wanna know what you think of it? Listen to the Vext trailer at the end of this post, and tell me you’re not thrilled that Tommy Vext didn’t get the Killswitch Engage frontman job. I mean, if I wanted […]

Tommy Vext Working With Mutiny Within Dudes?

Because she's hotter than Tommy Vext

Holy shit! Did you hear that Madonna’s brother lives under a bridge? Well, he is. Who gives a fuck? I always say that I’m two or three bad decisions — or one HUGE argument — away from living under a bridge. We all are. Not living under a bridge is basically the goal in life, […]

Mutiny Within Going On Indefinite Hiatus

Mutiny Within's one fan

Over the summer, we learned that both frontman Chris Clancy and keyboardist Drew Stavola had parted ways with Mutiny Within, and that the band had split from its label, Roadrunner. The band made strides to find a new singer, but ultimately, Mutiny Within have decided to take a vacation from the band. Maybe even a […]

Mutiny Within Carrying On Without Frontman Chris Clancy

Mutiny Within

Late last month, Chris Clancy revealed that Mutiny Within had been dropped by Roadrunner Records and that he was out of the band. I noted at the time that it was probably a good idea on his part to give up. The band, however, is not giving up, which is probably not the best idea. […]