Enslaved Recording 13th LP

The Enslaved dudes in the studio

That’s right, boys and girls. A new Enslaved album is in the works, as the band’s hit the studio to begin tracking the fucker for release early next year. The new Enslaved will be the band’s 13th studio set. Nuclear Blast will release it. The main recording of the album is going down at Duper […]

Publicist UK Sign With Relapse

Brett Bamberger

Relapse Records’ latest signing is a band boasting members of Revocation, Municipal Waste, and Goes Cube. Publicist UK features Revocation bassist Brett Bamberger, Municipal Waste’s drummer Dave Witte, and Goes Cube guitarist David Obuchowski. Publicist UK will begin recording their full-length debut in late October. Sessions will take place at Wild Arctic Studios in Dover, […]

Ken Mode To Record New LP

Ken Mode

Ken Mode have revealed their plans to record a new album. It will be called Success, it seems. Ken Mode plan to start recording the disc at Empire Recording in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on November 23 with producer and engineer Steve Albini — famous for his work with Nirvana. Among the scheduled guests for the outing […]

Mastodon Release Bootietastic Video Clip

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 2.16.04 PM

Wanna see some big booties shaking? Why would you not want that? Proceed to the end of this post, where the new Mastodon video is currently streaming. The video is for the song “The Motherload,” which appears on the band’s new album Once More ‘Round The Sun. I’ve yet to hear the album in its […]

Black Sabbath To Record Final Album

Black Sabbath

Another Black Sabbath record is in the making, folks. Another Black Sabbath record without Bill Ward. A final Black Sabbath album will drop in the not-so-distant future, Ozzy Osbourne tells Metal Hammer. The album will be tracked with by producer Rick Rubin early next year. Says Ozzy: “The whole Sabbath experience this time around was […]

Nightwish Finish Tracking Vocals For Next Record

The new Nightwish

Someone must give a shit, so here’s some news about Nightwish. The confusingly Finnish/Dutch/British symphonic metal outfit has finished recording the vocals for its new album, due in the spring of 2015 on Nuclear Blast. The CD is the first to feature Dutch vocalist Floor Jansen following the abrupt departure of the band’s lead singer […]

Contest: Win A Copy Of Throne of Sacrilege’s Split With Impurium

The split's cover

Sometimes, when two bands come together, they release what we call in the industry “a split.” It is thusly called because the time allocated to each “split” release, whether it be a full-length, EP, or 7-inch, is divided — or “split” — between the two bands. Make sense? Of course it does. You’re not 3. […]

Inferion Exclusive Song Stream: “This Will Decay”


So, I have a serious question to ask you and I want an honest answer. Do you dig blackened death metal, and if so, have you ever before experienced the lavish stylings of the band Inferion, who hail from the birthplace of the genre, Florida? If you answered “yes” and then “no,” do yourself a […]

Another New Machine Head Track Streams Online

Machine Head

Two tracks from the forthcoming Machine Head record have leaked online. Instead of being bummed about it (granted, the band’s pissed, but what can they do), Machine Head have gone ahead and offered up clean versions of each leaked track for folks to stream. Perhaps that will keep you monsters from illegally downloading them, I […]

The Banner Ink New Deal

The Banner

The Banner have signed a new deal with Good Fight Music for the release of a new album. The label, run by ex-Ferret Music head Carl Severson, will issue Greying, the band’s new album. The Banner is currently wrapping up work on the disc, which is being produced by Will Putney (The Acacia Strain, Vision […]