Prong Recruit Former Winds Of Plague Drummer

Art Cruz

They have — it’s true. Prong have once again enlisted the services of ex-Winds Of Plague drummer Art Cruz, but only for a temporary basis. Art will be joining Prong for its European and United Kingdom tours, which will start later this month. No word on why Alexei Rodriguez won’t be with them, but if […]

Prong’s New Record Coming Soon


Prong have a new record in the bag. It’s called Ruining Lives, and that’s fucking awesome. The album will be released through Steamhammer/SPV in Scandinavia on April 23, in Germany on April 25, in the rest of Europe on April 28 and in the U.S./Canada on May 13. It will be made available as a […]

Evisorax Release New LP Teaser


Last January, Daniel Lynch, having just been jumped by a bunch of hooligans in the U.K., made three promises from his hospital bed in an interview with GSA. He said his band, Evisorax “are due to record the next album in February 2013…this will STILL happen.” The band were “booked to play dates with Mumakill […]

Gary Holt Will Probably Write Solos For Next Slayer

Gary Holt

That’s interesting. All of a sudden, the Washington Times cares about metal. They must’ve hired a fellow metalhead. Exodus guitarist and Slayer’s new axeman Gary Holt spoke to the publication, and said yes, he will likely be involved with the next Slayer LP. And new Exodus is coming, too. “Right now, I’m starting to compile […]

Listen To Red Fang’s Album — With Band Commentary — Right Now!

Whales and Leeches

This is fucking awesome, and something all bands should do. Fuck lyric videos — I’d rather listen to bands talk about their new album, like the commentary on DVDs. Red Fang are streaming their brand new album, Whales and Leeches, in its entirety at the end of this post. While you listen along, the band […]

Red Fang Release Beer Chugging Game

The fun of drinking without the hangover

You need to be 21 in order to play the game (do the math, dumbasses), but Red Fang have released a free online video game. “Ladies and gentlemen we present to you the official Red Fang Beer Chugging Game!,” says the band online. Go here to enter your birthday and play. “Listen to some new […]

Red Fang Rumored For ‘Fraggle Rock’ Tribute

Cartoon Red Fang

That’s fucking eery. This weekend, I wanted to watch “Fraggle Rock” with my niece. But she wanted to watch “Ratatouille.” Now, I’m hearing a tribute album to the the live action puppet series is in the works. Red Fang seem to be involved. I feel like Mastodon also need to be involved. It wouldn’t be […]

Red Fang Streaming New Tune

Red Fang

I caught Red Fang’s show last week in Brooklyn with Doomriders, and let me just tell you something — them boys can fucking play. They also seem to attract a large contingent of females, so I suggest you catch them live if they’re rolling through your area. At the end of this post, you can […]

Carcass Streaming Another New Song Online

Surgical Steel

You can find it at the end of this fucking post. It’s a new song from Carcass called “Unfit For Human Consumption.” Our buddies at The Gauntlet premiered the fucker. I am not sure if it’s sanctioned, or whether they just fucking went for it. Carcass’ new full-length album Surgical Steel is due in stores […]

Quick, Listen To Another New Carcass Tune…Before It’s Taken Offline


Hurry. It’s at the end of this post. The new Carcass tune is called “The Master Butcher’s Apron” and it sounds like Carcass. It comes from the forthcoming Carcass album, Surgical Steel, which drops this fall. I personally can’t wait to buy it. Carcass has gone online to address the album’s recent leak. “Hope you’re […]