High On Fire Tour Confirmed

High On Fire

Now this is fucking cool shit. Wanna see High on Fire for free? Converse has announced the launch of its first ever Converse Rubber Tracks Live Tour featuring acclaimed metal band High on Fire. Blackest and Arctic will open. All tickets for the Converse Rubber Tracks Live Tour are — believe it or not — […]

Minsk Tracking Next Disc


The recording of Minsk’s new album has begun. The album, which will arrive early in 2015 on Relapse Records, is being produced by Sanford Parker. Vocalist Timothy Mead says: “So much attention and care have gone into this process, this renewal. We knew that in order to really move Minsk forward in a meaningful way […]

Megadeth’s Mustaine Talks New LP, More Big Four Shows


Kaaos TV has spoken with the man behind Megadeth, Mr. Dave Mustaine. Blabbermouth has a transcript of that discussion, which centered around Megadeth’s new material. Mustaine, who reveals he’s got 130 song ideas on his plate, says: “[Those ideas are] little parts [at this point]. Not entire songs. Just pieces. I found over the years […]

Unearth, Decapitated Tour In The Works


A single date has been set, but more could be coming. Looks as though Unearth, Decapitated, Carnifex and Origin will be doing some touring together later on in the year. All four bands are booked to play West Hollywood, California, on November 5 at the House Of Blues. Let’s see what happens. Origin will be […]

Scar Symmetry Detail Forthcoming LP

The Singularity

That band Scar Symmetry’s got a new record coming out soon. The image in this post…that’s the album’s cover, wouldn’t you know! Called The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity), the record will hit stores on October 14 in North America through Nuclear Blast Records. It seems like everyone’s signed to Nuclear Blast lately, no? The […]

Obituary’s Backdrop Stolen In Holland

The backdrop

Floridian death metal outfit Obituary have had their stage backdrop pilfered. The theft went down July 26 at the Stonehenge festival in Steenwijk, Holland. “It happened right after our performance while we were packing up our equipment. Here is a photo of it so if you know who has it or think you might know […]

Holy Grail Frontman Talks Forthcoming LP

Holy Grail

Holy Grail guitarist Eli Santana has checked in with an online update regarding the band’s next studio set. He says: “In the pursuit of accumulating enough material to make a great album, we had a problem on our hands. With over fifty song ideas and hundreds of riffs to choose from, we faced the daunting […]

Obituary Name New Disc


Sorry for the radio silence all weekend, folks. I was busy visiting family and hanging with the girl. But I’m back now, and I’ll try not to ever do it again. Here’s some news you may enjoy: Florida death metal veterans Obituary have named their forthcoming opus. It’s been christened Inked In Blood. The band’s […]

Kirk Hammett Guests On New Exodus LP

Kirk Hammett

Not that I needed another reason to listen to the forthcoming Exodus record when it drops, but Kirk Hammett of Metallica apparently guests on the fucker. Kirk tells RollingStone.com that he recently laid down a guitar solo on song “Salt In The Wound” on Blood In, Blood Out, which will be out this fall, with […]

SikTh Offshoot Krokodil Offer Album Update


Krokodil — a band boasting members of SikTh and Gallows — have been working on their full-length debut. The record, due to hit store shelves later this year on Spinefarm Records, will be called Nachash. No release date has been set in stone yet. The album will likely be out in late October or early […]