Iron Reagan Release Split With Toxic Shock

The cover of the split

“Yeah boiiiiii” is what my buddy Sean would say to this news. Sean is in serving in the Army in Kuwait right now, send him good vibes, if you don’t mind. Destroyers of functioning ears and partiers unparalleled, Iron Reagan, have already churned out a new record. This is the follow up to last years […]

Deftones Book West Coast Gigs


The Deftones have not been touring as of late, mostly because they’ve been busy writing a new album that will no doubt be as awesome as a girl who doesn’t flinch when you accidentally put it in the wrong hole. The Deftones do have some festival gigs booked, and to presumably prepare for those, they […]

Skinless Release New Album Trailer


The new album from New York death metal legends Skinless has a trailer! See it at the end of this post people The trailer will presumably get you pumped for Only The Ruthless Remain, which will be released by Relapse this June. The album was assembled by the band’s classic lineup, and its the band’s […]

Pissing Razors Get New Bassist

Pissing Razors

What’s that? You missed the news that Texas-based groove metal merchants Pissing Razors had reunited? Well, they did. Late last year. And they’ve been working on a new album for release sometime this year. Now, it seems the band’s enlisted a new bassist for those impending recording sessions. His name is Geo Gomez, and his […]

Dave Mustaine: Megadeth’s LP Nearly Finished

Dave Mustaine

The writing of it, that is. See, those videos that Megadeth released last week showing Chris Adler doing what people love him doing were shot during writing sessions, not the actual recording of the band’s next album. That, according to Dave Mustaine, will all start next week. Adler, Lamb of God’s drummer, and Megadeth’s two […]

Testament: New Material Still Coming Together


Yes, folks. Testament continue to write and demo new material for their next record. But the bands yet to hit the studio, according to Chuck Billy, who recently sat down with our pal Full Metal Jackie. Chuck says: “They [the songs] are constantly changing. They all just start with parts and ideas and hooks. They […]

Phil Anselmo Hits The Studio…But For What?

Phil at work

Yesterday, Phil Anselmo posted a photo online, showing him working inside his home studio, Nodferatu’s Lair. But Anselmo’s tease didn’t reveal for what project the musician’s working on new material for. 
As you know, he’s in Down, Arson Anthem, and Superjoint Ritual. And in recent years, he’s released solo material and toured with his own […]

Killswitch Engage Release Clip From DVD

Killswitch Engage

By now, you’re probably well aware that Killswitch Engage have a new live DVD coming out. I think I’ve promoted it thoroughly, mostly because those dudes are salt of the Earth types. And because I love their music. Today, Killswitch Engage released a taste of that forthcoming effort, in the form of a live video […]

Thy Art Is Murder Detail New One

Thy Art Is Murder

A new album is on the way from Australian band Thy Art Is Murder. I am definitely not a fan of this band, but look — I can’t dig everything I hear. The new material, released as Holy War, will surface on June 30. The record was produced and mixed by Will Putney and is […]

Anthrax: Album Update Supplied


The publicist for Anthrax has issued a statement on the band’s impending new album, which — it turns out — heavily involves new member Jon Donais’ contributions. The presser claims Anthrax have a six-week-plus North American trek coming up with Volbeat, which we already knew. But also, it says the new album — the recording […]