Venom Detail Next LP


I hope you’re not a fucking wimp. Because if you are, you apparently won’t be able to handle the forthcoming album from Venom. It’s called From the Very Depths and will be released on January 27 through Spinefarm Records. The band is led by vocalist, bassist and original Venom titan, Cronos, who decided against making […]

Refused Book Festival Gigs


The return of Refused is very real, people. The progressive punk act have three festival appearances cemented for 2015, which lends even more credibility to rumors of a new album from the band. Go here in the event this is all unfamiliar to you; some dude in another band let it slip Refused were in […]

Trivium To Start Writing For Next LP


Man, I knew something super shitty was going to happen this week. I just figured ISIS would somehow be involved. I do mean those terrorist fucks who kill…not the erstwhile band that killed it live. Perhaps ISIS is nevertheless somehow behind the following tidbit of doleful news: Trivium will soon start writing new songs for […]

Stream The Black Dahlia Murder’s New EP

The Black Dahlia Murder

It won’t be out officially for a couple more days, but you can now stream the Black Dahlia Murder’s new covers EP at the end of this post. The effort carries the title Grind ‘Em All and will be released as a 7-inch on Friday. It’s a pithy offering…just three fucking songs, courtesy of Exclaim. […]

Listen To A New Lord Dying Song — Right Now!

Poisoned Altars

Quick. Scroll down to the bottom of this post, and press play. Today, Lord Dying released a first taste of their forthcoming album, in the form of a song called “A Wound Outside Time.” The sinister new song comes from the Portland, Oregon-based band’s forthcoming LP Poisoned Altars, which sadly won’t be out until January […]

Sumac Announce Debut Disc

The Deal

It’s coming February 3, folks. What’s that? The debut offering from Sumac. Sumac is the new band fronted by former Isis leader Aaron Turner. The group also boasts Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn and bassist Brian Cook of Russian Circles (formerly of Botch). Called The Deal, the record will be released through Profound Lore/Sige. There is […]

Agnostic Front: Studio Time Booked

Agnostic Front

Guess what? Agnostic Front, the kings of New York hardcore, will be hitting a recording studio in two weeks to start tracking their 11th full-length. The band will enter Buzzbomb Sound Labs on December 5 to start recording the album under the watchful eyes of Paul Miner (Terror, H2O) who will be engineering, mixing and […]

Refused: The Return Is Real


Refused, architects of one of my all-time favorite records, are rumored to be making a big comeback in 2015, with talk of a new record already in the works. Today, the band’s Facebook page came alive with new imagery. Presumably, new promotional images the band recently shot. This lends credence to those rumors of a […]

Nightkin Share Studio Footage


Guess what, kids? Nightkin are in a recording studio right now. The band’s been in the studio in recent weeks, tracking tunes for a new record that should be out next year. If Nightkin’s not ringing any bells, it’s cool. The band features Mike “Gunface” McKenzie of The Red Chord and former The Black Dahlia […]

Cloudkicker EP Coming

Little Histories

That’s right, people. Cloudkicker will issue a new EP titled Little Histories on December 1. The effort will be released both digitally and on 10-inch vinyl. Here’s the track listing for the EP: 1. “Parliament” 2. “Sky Guide” 3. “Chameleon” 4. “Digital Lightning” 5. “Hassan” 6. “Signal/Noise” (digital bonus track) News of the new EP […]