Butcher Babies Broad Releasing Novel


I swear to fuck…anyone can get a book deal. Me, a natural born writer? Nope. I seem to be the only dude who can’t bag a book deal, and I’m fucking tired of it. Even one of the chicks from Butcher Babies, Carla Harvey, has a novel coming out. And on my birthday, no less. […]

Holy Grail Frontman Talks Forthcoming LP

Holy Grail

Holy Grail guitarist Eli Santana has checked in with an online update regarding the band’s next studio set. He says: “In the pursuit of accumulating enough material to make a great album, we had a problem on our hands. With over fifty song ideas and hundreds of riffs to choose from, we faced the daunting […]

Obituary Name New Disc


Sorry for the radio silence all weekend, folks. I was busy visiting family and hanging with the girl. But I’m back now, and I’ll try not to ever do it again. Here’s some news you may enjoy: Florida death metal veterans Obituary have named their forthcoming opus. It’s been christened Inked In Blood. The band’s […]

Slipknot Release Another New Album Teaser


There’s a new Slipknot album recorded, and coming soon. In case you’ve missed that all-important news. The band’s been releasing a bunch of video teasers to promote the forthcoming offering, and I’ve basically been ignoring them since Slipknot isn’t a band I’ve ever been able to get into. Sorry. What follows is the most recent […]

Mr. Bungle Vinyl Reissues Planned


Vinyl junkies, take note. Some Mr. Bungle vinyl reissues are planned for the coming year, according to frontman Mike Patton, frontman of inactive act. When I interviewed Patton once, he called Bungle “my little boy band.” I always thought that was funny. Bungle fans can find some new merch from the defunct band here. More […]

Melvins Releasing New Album In October

Paul Leary

There’s literally no band more prolific than the Melvins. I feel like they have a new album coming out every six months or so, but that’s probably an exaggeration. A new Melvins album called Hold It In is being eyed for release this October. But don’t expect the band’s usual lineup. Both Jeff Pinkus and […]

PHILM Detail Next LP


PHILM — Dave Lombardo’s band — has a new album in the fucking can. The former Slayer and current Amen drummer’s group further boasts guitarist and vocalist Gerry Paul Nestler (from Civil Defiance), and bassist Francisco “Pancho’ Eduardo Tomaselli (War). The band’s sophomore offering will hit stores September 16; it’s called Fire From The Evening […]

Adam Jones Talks New Tool Material


Tool’s guitarist Adam Jones has spoken extensively to Metal Hammer about the direction the band’s new material is taking. I like what he had to say. “We’re always on an experimental path,” Jones started. “We never think about what worked on the last record or what’s good on the radio right now. It’s a selfish […]

Kirk Hammett Guests On New Exodus LP

Kirk Hammett

Not that I needed another reason to listen to the forthcoming Exodus record when it drops, but Kirk Hammett of Metallica apparently guests on the fucker. Kirk tells RollingStone.com that he recently laid down a guitar solo on song “Salt In The Wound” on Blood In, Blood Out, which will be out this fall, with […]

SikTh Offshoot Krokodil Offer Album Update


Krokodil — a band boasting members of SikTh and Gallows — have been working on their full-length debut. The record, due to hit store shelves later this year on Spinefarm Records, will be called Nachash. No release date has been set in stone yet. The album will likely be out in late October or early […]