Ex-Otep Guitarist Lee Rios Dead


Former Speak No Evil and Otep guitarist Lee Rios is dead. The man passed away in Miami, Florida, just this Wednesday. Dude apparently died as a result of something he enjoyed: He was involved in a mountain biking accident. Friends and family of Rios are attempting to crowdfund $10,000 for his funeral expenses. Help out […]

Fear Factory, Napalm Death Added To U.S. Knotfest Lineup

Napalm Death

A bunch of additional bands have been named to the bill for this upcoming second U.S. Knotfest, brought to you by the dudes of Slipknot. The second Knotfest will take over the San Manual Ampitheatre and Campgrounds from October 24 to October 26. A new stage has been added, along with the following bands. Find […]

Otep Signs With Sid Wilson’s Management Team


Yup. Otep have signed a new management deal with Mach 2.8 Entertainment Group, the company founded by Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson and his business partner Symon Mead. Otep frontwoman Otep Shamaya was undoubtedly excited, and said: “I’ve been a friend and fan of Sid for years and it’s a true honor to be managed by […]

Otep Claims Homophobic Sponsor Kept Her Band Off Mayhem Fest Bill


Suuuuuure. Couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that her band sucks and no one cares about it. In fact, Otep would have fit in just fine with this year’s piss-poor lineup. Otep Shamaya, who is lesbo, alleges an “openly homophobic” corporate sponsor of this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival kept her band […]

Otep Not Retiring


What the fuck, man? Otep says she’s retiring at the end of 2013, and now, she’s not? What a tease! And now, she’s got not only a new album in the works but a side project with Slipknot’s Sid Wilson. “Retiring? NEVER. A new OTEP album? YES! New book? YEP! Side project w/Sid from Slipknot? […]

Otep Releases Book

Otep's book

Now I’m pissed. If Otep can release a book, ANYONE can release a book. I should have a book deal. This just isn’t right. Called “None Shall Sleep,” the book is described thusly: “Frightening, riveting, defiant, resounding. The highly anticipated release of the secret diaries of the nefarious vigilante Hydra Moonlight. In the killer’s own […]

Otep A Free Agent After Final Victory Disc


Alas, Otep isn’t going to throw in the towel and retire. Why would she do that — to make me happy? No way, folks. Would I be a happier person if Otep called it quits? Likely no, since I give not even one fuck about her. But, I’d smile for a second, knowing I’d never […]

Otep, Stolen Babies Touring

Butcher Babies

Otep will be touring this fall with Stolen Babies. I’m literally bursting at the seams to not catch this tour when it rolls through my area — believe you me! When I see any band with the name “Babies” in it, I automatically assume its the Butcher Babies. My bad. But hey, they have nice […]

Otep Touring With Picture Me Broken

Layla Allman

Yup. Otep is going to be hitting the road this March with Picture Me Broken and One-Eyed Doll. Because chick bands have to tour with chick bands, right? I think Otep’s hungry for some of that Layla Allman action. I feel like she’ll put the moves on Layla, who has been with the same dude […]

Otep Still Hating On “Fake Music News Sites”


Last week, Otep — who hasn’t been relevant since the late 1990s, when people would incorrectly read her name as Opeth, click on news posts, and then go, “Wait, I thought this was a story about Opeth…who’s Otep?” — slammed lesser blogs like ThePRP for being homophobic and sexist. She attacked Blabbermouth and its users, […]