Bill Ward Fires Back At Ozzy Claims

Before the rift

The drama continues between estranged bandmates Bill Ward and Ozzy Osbourne, original members of Black Sabbath. Here’s the quick background, since you all probably already know: Ward and Black Sabbath couldn’t come to terms on that reunion years ago, and ever since, Ozzy has been inferring Bill was too porky and out-of-shape to hack it, […]

Ward “Capable Of Playing Complete Fucking” Black Sabbath Set


In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward assures fans he is more than capable of playing a complete set with band, despite Ozzy Osbourne’s claims the kitman can no longer hack it. Quick background: Ward agreed to a Black Sabbath reunion in late 2011, but eventually backed out, claiming the […]

As Predicted, Ozzy Osbourne Balks At Bill Ward

Before the rift

I called this one. Ozzy Osbourne is not about to offer a public apology to Bill Ward. Instead, he’s thrown salt, lemon juice, and gasoline on the wound by issuing a statement that further calls the Black Sabbath drummer’s abilities into question. Part of me thinks Sharon Osbourne wrote this one. “I never wanted to […]

Bill Ward Wants An Apology Out Of Ozzy

Before the rift

Ozzy Osbourne doesn’t seem the apologizing type, but that’s not stopping Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward from seeking one. He says he wants Ozzy to say he’s sorry for talking shit about Bill’s abilities. “I hope you’re well and in good spirits,” Ward writes. “I have not made any public statements regarding my relationship with […]

Black Sabbath Cancel Japanese Ozzfest Appearance

Black Sabbath

That previously announced farewell show Black Sabbath was going to do in Japan is no longer happening. Instead, Ozzy Osbourne will play a solo set. Black Sabbath has backed out of Ozzfest Japan, scheduled for November 21 and November 22 at Makuhari Messe outside Tokyo. Ozzy’s set will also feature some yet to be revealed […]

Ozzy Osbourne To Have Surgery

Ozzy Osbourne

Guess what, Mexico? That Ozzfiesta event you were looking forward to at the Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya this May has been canceled. That’s because Ozzy Osbourne has to go under the knife. “Like you, we were very excited about the event,” the promoters said in a statement. “However, Ozzy is having surgery, scheduled […]

Black Sabbath’s Japan Show Will Be Their Last

Black Sabbath

I told you fuckers. The other day, Sharon Osbourne said that Black Sabbath’s appearance at Ozzfest Japan this fall will be the band’s “farewell” gig. Some of you questioned whether she meant that would be the band’s last show in Japan or last show ever. I insisted it would be their last show ever. I […]

Ozzy Osbourne Comic Now Available

The Ozzy comic book

I’ve often wondered what Ozzy Osbourne’s super-hero power would be, if he were ever to inspire a comic book. If the comic were to mirror his real life in any way, I’d assume Ozzy’s super-hero self would have to have regenerative powers, like Wolverine. I mean, he probably has them already. How else do you […]

Venom Frontman Bemoans Music Scene


In a new interview, Venom frontman Conrad “Cronos” Lant said that music these days is pretty piss poor, and he has little hope for the future. “It’s always amazed me why other bands want to sound like another band. You don’t get artists who say, ‘I want to paint like Picasso,’” says Cronos. “It’s finding […]

Ozzy’s Other Daughter Releases Bloody Video

Aimee Osbourne

Before today, I only kind of knew that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne had another kid. I remember reading somewhere when “The Osbournes” first started airing that she wanted no part of the show and moved out of her parents’ home. But did I know for a fact that Sharon and Ozzy had another daughter? Not […]