Lucifer Sign With Rise Above


There was a time in my life where I had a colossal crush on Johanna Sadonis. I had interviewed the former member of The Oath for a podcast, and we basically hit it off. Occasional Facebook conversations ensued and some small part of me wished she would invite me to visit her in Germany, where […]

Faith No More’s Mike Patton: The King Of Range

Mike Patton, leader of both FNM and Mr. Bungle

This article, which I discovered while visiting ThePRP, claims something I have known for years: No one’s got better pipes than Mike Patton. It has been determined that the Faith No More, Tomahawk, Loveage, Mr. Bungle, Peeping Tom, and Fantômas singer produces the broadest range of octaves. The authors of the article determined Patton has […]

Author Butthurt Type O Negative Won’t Help With His Book

That's bananas

Jeff Wagner is pissed. The author of “Mean Deviation: Four Decades Of Progressive Heavy Metal” and former Metal Maniacs editor is pulling together a book on Peter Steele and Type O Negative. He’s got one problem. The band’s surviving members want nothing to do with it. And he’s fucking pissed. “I’m disappointed in the recent […]

Peter Steele Biography Coming

Soul On Fire

And it’s even authorized! Meaning, the family of the late Type O Negative and Carnivore frontman have signed off on the project! Called “Soul On Fire,” Peter Steele’s biography is being worked on at this very moment. Not by me, alas — but by metal journalist Jeff Wagner. The book will be “a comprehensive investigation […]

Lamb Of God, Machine Head Frontmen Tapped For Mitch Lucker Memorial

Randy Blythe

Yes, it’s true! Suicide Silence’s forthcoming memorial show for their late frontman Mitch Lucker will boast an appearance by Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe. Blythe — who was formally indicted on manslaughter charges in Prague yesterday — will be one of several big names joining the tribute gig. Mudvayne’s Chad Gray is also confirmed to […]

Suicide Silence’s Mitch Lucker Laid To Rest

The funeral program

Yup. Suicide Silence’s Mitch Lucker is in the ground. His funeral was today, and attended by family, friends, and band dudes galore. “Had to bury my brother today,” wrote Suicide Silence’s Dan Kenny online. “He looked peaceful when I saw him. It was very hard but it was needed! To the fans just know Mitch loved […]

Suicide Silence Selling Official Mitch Lucker Memorial Tee

The Mitch memorial tee

We told you yesterday to stop buying all of those unofficial, unsanctioned Mitch Lucker shirts off eBay. We hope you did. But really, if you’re a Suicide Silence fan, how could you pass up the chance to own a whole closet full of Mitch Lucker memorial tees. I say buy whatever clothing you want. If […]

Sweden’s Carnivore Change Name

She likes Peter Steele

That’s right, my childrens. This is kind of overdue, if you ask me — but cool that they took it upon themselves to change their name, and not waited for the inevitable lawsuit. Basically, Carnivore have changed their name to Erupted. The Swedish metal band was using the same name as late Type O Negative […]

Peter Steele Would Be Embarrassed By Memorial T-Shirt

Pete would be ashamed

I mean, look at that shirt design! That’s it…that picture is what the shirt actually looks like. What is that? Who designed this fucking thing? I’ve seen better art on Type O Negative fan pages. I mean, what kind of a tribute is that? My niece could’ve come up with something that looked better than […]

Listen To Wormfood’s Type O Negative Cover


Yes, folks. That’s right — the other day, Emmanuel Worm from French decadent metallers Wormfood hit us up with the band’s previously unreleased cover of Type O Negative’s “Christian Woman” as a video online. The song is a tribute to Peter Steele’s memory, and was recorded in 2005 as a bonus track for the Japanese […]