Eyehategod Book More Shows


When is Eyehategod not booking shows, is the question These dudes work hard. They tour hard. They play hard. And go hard. Hard. Tacked on to their previously announced shows, Eyehategod has lined up some dates with Power Trip and Iron Reagan and Today Is The Day. Here’s when and where the band performs: 10/2: […]

Power Trip, Mammoth Grinder To Tour

Power Trip

I am losing my shit. A car’s alarm has been going off in my neighborhood all fucking morning. Intermittently. I am anxiously awaiting my chance to yell at the car’s owner when they return. So, some of you will care about this. Power Trip and Mammoth Grinder will be hitting the road together this summer […]

Lineup For This Is Hardcore Fest 2014 Announced

Killswitch Engage

The lineup has been announced for This Is Hardcore Fest 2014, set to take place July 24 through July 27 at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. Of note is the fact that Turmoil, Downset, Mushmouth, All Else Failed, and Fury of Five are playing the event. I may need to go to this. Tickets go […]

Scion Rock Fest Adds Machine Head, High On Fire

Machine Head

The complete lineup for the 2014 Scion Rock Fest has been revealed. Machine Head and High On Fire have been added to the bill for this year’s event, which will take place across multiple venues in Pomona, California, on May 17. Here’s the full lineup: Machine Head 
High On Fire 
Red Fang
Buzzo […]

Red Fang, Crowbar Tapped For Scion Rock Fest

Red Fang

Get ready, kids. The Scion Rock Fest is coming back in 2014, and the initial lineup’s already been aired. Red Fang, Crowbar, and Lord Dying are on for the event, set for May 17 in Pomona, California. Exhumed are also on board for the Scion Fest, as are Power Trip, Speedwolf, Midnight, Moab, Windhand, Jex […]

Black N’ Blue Bowl Announced; Hatebreed, Agnostic Front Performing


The lineup for this year’s Black N’ Blue Bowl has been announced. Set for The Well in Brooklyn, it will go down May 17 and May 18. Here’s the lineup for each day. It’s going to be a humdinger of a good time. I think I will definitely be attending this year. I’m sure Zeena […]

Bloodlet Playing A389 10th Annual Festival


Yesterday, we told you that Bloodlet was back in a studio, but we didn’t know why. Well, turns out that A389 Recordings’ annual festival, now entering it’s 10th year in it’s native Baltimore, will be one for the ages. Bloodlet are playing, as are Integrity, All Out War, Infest, Haymaker, and Weekend Nachos. 2014’s A389 […]

Denver Black Sky Lineup Revealed

Dying Fetus

And it’s pretty stellar. Any lineup that boasts Dying Fetus AND Exhumed is already so chock full of win, the rest of the bill could suck and it’d be acceptable. But the lineup doesn’t suck. The inaugural Denver Black Sky will take place on December 14 at Gothic Theatre in Denver, of course. “The goal […]

Terror Announce More Shows


Who cares? Seriously. Does Terror even have a rabid following? Each time I post a story on Terror, people don’t react. Either negatively or positively. It’s like people couldn’t care less. Yet, Terror has added a leg to their tour with Power Trip and Code Orange Kids.

Terror, Fucked Up Shows Announced

They like Terror

That’s right, people. Terror and Fucked Up have booked a string of West Coast shows that get underway in Mesa, Arizona, on October 4. The tour will also boast Power Trip and Code Orange Kids. Dates for the trek follow at the end of this post.