Wilson Ink New Deal


Wilson, a band some people dig but I’m not really especially into, has inked a new deal with Razor & Tie. The band have a new album recorded, which they’d worked on with producer Johnny Andrews down in Hotlanta. The album will be released later this year. Said the band’s Chad Nicefield: “Wilson is a […]

Nonpoint Sign With Metal Blade


What a progressive signing! Metal Blade Records has added Nonpoint its global roster of artists. Metal Blade will serve as the label home for the band outside North America, where Nonpoint remains signed to Razor & Tie. “This is a dream situation for us,” explains Nonpoint vocalist Elias Soriano. “Just getting an offer from Metal […]

The Pretty Reckless Ink New Deal

I'd be her friend

Man. It’s true, folks. Have cute blonde willing to take off clothes, will get label deal. Razor & Tie has signed New York-based band The Pretty Reckless. For some reason, certain people consider them pseudo-metal. Those people are called idiots. The group is currently working on its forthcoming studio album, which is due out in […]

Kyng Signs With Razor & Tie


Kyng have inked a new worldwide deal with Razor & Tie. The band is currently writing and recording their forthcoming new studio album, with a single expected later this year. I happen to know the dude who is doing the artwork for the disc, but won’t blow up Kyng’s spot. Kyng will be hitting the […]

Chiodos Signs With Razor & Tie


I don’t like Chiodos. I think their music’s the aural equivalent of granny porn — I want nothing to do with it. Good thing I don’t own Razor & Tie records. For one thing, I’d be a devout Christian. For seconds, I’d have to fire a few folks after learning my label had just signed […]

H.I.M. Release Next Album’s Cover Art

The cover

And there it is. I can’t wait until Bam Margera gets that shit tattooed on his smug fucking forehead. Yes, Finnish emo band H.I.M. will release a new album, called Tears On Tape, on April 30 and that is the cover. By that I mean the accompanying image. The album will be released by Razor […]

HIM Ink New Label Deal


I don’t understand why HIM is good. And before you tell me to listen to this or that record, believe me: I have given them a chance. I could literally feel my penis shrinking back into my body as I listened to them. HIM are awful. But some of you may want to know that […]

Hatebreed Release Trailer For New Album


I still don’t understand the logic behind releasing trailers for albums, but maybe that’s because I used to huff gas as a child. I’d just sit in the garage and get my huff on. It made mowing the lawn a lot more fun. Man, did I huff some gas in my day. At the end […]

Hatebreed Track Listing Revealed


By now, you should know that a new Hatebreed record is coming. But until now, we didn’t have the all-important track listing. Rest assured, kids. We do now. The Divinity Of Purpose, which will be in stores January 29, will boast 12 tracks in all. Those songs include “Honor Never Dies,” “Own Your World,” and […]

New Hatebreed Song Sounds Like Hatebreed


Strange, right? At the end of this post, you will find a new song from Hatebreed. It’s called “Put It To The Torch.” It’s definitely Hatebreedish, with lots of Hatebreed-like elements. The song comes from The Divinity of Purpose, which will be available January 29.