Overcast’s Discography To Be Reissued

This is dope

I have precious few details at this point, but it would appear Bullet Tooth will be reissuing Overcast’s discography soon. Three albums with 45 songs will be re-released. I think the collection will be called Only Death Is Smiling. I could be wrong though. The band — featuring members of Shadows Fall and Killswitch Engage […]

Turmoil’s The Process Of Turns 15

The Process Of

Dude, I feel old almost daily, but this makes me feel extraordinarily old. There is a 15th anniversary edition of Turmoil’s The Process Of coming out. Fifteen fucking years ago that record came out…shit. Escapist Records will be releasing a 12-inch repress of the album, limited to 215 on marbled green and 327 on clear […]

Good Fight Reissuing Nora Albums


This should surprise no one. Good Fight Music, after all, was founded by Nora’s own Carl Severson, a stand-up dude. Originally released on Trustkill Records and currently out of print, the four reissues span Nora’s entire career, from the band’s early days in the New Jersey hardcore scene, up through its last album by which […]

Avenged Sevenfold Resurrect Waking The Fallen


The fans of Avenged Sevenfold will soon be chomping at the bit for the reissue of the band’s breakthrough album, Waking The Fallen. Yes indeedy, Avenged is greedy. Eleven years to the day after releasing the album, the band will resell the record with a bunch of unreleased material and even a documentary, to boot. […]

Mastodon’s Remission Reissue Coming August 5

Remission's original art

The album that got me into Mastodon was Remission. The album that is often listed as their best work: Remission. In August, Relapse will release a “super-deluxe” version of the band’s 2002 full-length debut. On August 5, to be precise. The record has been fully re-mixed by original producer and engineer Matt Bayles and remastered […]

Korn Reissuing Last Album With New Song


I hate when bands do this. Don’t re-sell your fans something. That’s just bad form, bro. Yet, Korn will do it again, this time issuing an expanded version of their most recent album, The Paradigm Shift. The opening of the new version of the LP will boast a new song called “Hater,” which will also […]

Clutch Releasing Special Edition Of Earth Rocker

Earth Rocker

This should get you psyched. Clutch on June 10 will release a triple deluxe version of their album Earth Rocker through their own Weathermaker Music. The Earth Rocker triple deluxe album package will include: 1) the full record and brand new songs “Night Hag” and “Scavengers;” 2) Earth Rocker Live, a CD audio version of […]

Here’s A Live Led Zeppelin Track For You

Step right up, suckers!

This is a decent way to start off the morning. Sure, it’s not as good as waking up to a slobbering bed-head session, but it’s audio from Led Zeppelin’s show in Paris years ago. The audio is taken from deluxe editions of Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II and Led Zeppelin III, which will be released […]

Death Exclusive Song Stream: “Open Casket (Live)”


Welcome to another Thursday, my ninjas. Hope all is going well for you this week, and if all is actually lost, don’t despair: Today, we’ve got some exclusive Death audio for you to feast on. As you well know, a remastered version of my favorite Death disc, Leprosy, will be reissued later this month, with […]

Death’s Leprosy To Be Reissued


My favorite of all the Death albums will soon be re-released as part of Relapse’s overall effort to reissue the band’s back catalogue. The Leprosy reissue will be made available on April 25 in Benelux, Germany, Finland; April 29 in North America and April 28 in the the rest of the world. The entire album, […]