Clutch Releasing Special Edition Of Earth Rocker

Earth Rocker

This should get you psyched. Clutch on June 10 will release a triple deluxe version of their album Earth Rocker through their own Weathermaker Music. The Earth Rocker triple deluxe album package will include: 1) the full record and brand new songs “Night Hag” and “Scavengers;” 2) Earth Rocker Live, a CD audio version of […]

Here’s A Live Led Zeppelin Track For You

Step right up, suckers!

This is a decent way to start off the morning. Sure, it’s not as good as waking up to a slobbering bed-head session, but it’s audio from Led Zeppelin’s show in Paris years ago. The audio is taken from deluxe editions of Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II and Led Zeppelin III, which will be released […]

Death Exclusive Song Stream: “Open Casket (Live)”


Welcome to another Thursday, my ninjas. Hope all is going well for you this week, and if all is actually lost, don’t despair: Today, we’ve got some exclusive Death audio for you to feast on. As you well know, a remastered version of my favorite Death disc, Leprosy, will be reissued later this month, with […]

Death’s Leprosy To Be Reissued


My favorite of all the Death albums will soon be re-released as part of Relapse’s overall effort to reissue the band’s back catalogue. The Leprosy reissue will be made available on April 25 in Benelux, Germany, Finland; April 29 in North America and April 28 in the the rest of the world. The entire album, […]

Deluxe Editions Of Led Zeppelin Albums Coming

Step right up, suckers!

That’s right, people. Start rubbing your nickels together, because in June, Led Zeppelin want you to buy all of their old albums again. June 3 will see the release of deluxe editions of Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II and Led Zeppelin III, each remastered by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page. Each album will feature a […]

Soundgarden’s Superunknown Turning 20


This year, Soundgarden will celebrate an album I purchased as a youth. They will be releasing a 20th anniversary edition of their 1994 release Superunknown on June 3. The effort will arrive in various configurations with five limited 10-inch releases for the album’s various singles set to arrive on Record Store Day, which is April […]

Isis Reissuing Panopticon


Isis were one of those bands I immediately took to upon first listen. It was nice having them around, because you could count on Isis to release a record now and again that would remind you innovation is still possible. Last year, Isis reissued Celestial, one of my favorite records ever. Now, their third disc, […]

Trent Reznor Talks Grammys, New Score

Trent Reznor

Nine Inch Nails leader Trent Reznor just did an interview with a New Zealand news outlet, and spoke on a number of topics. He discussed his upcoming score for “Gone Girl,” the Beats Music service he’s involved with, The Fragile reissue, and of course, the Grammys dis. Reznor with Queens Of The Stone Age, Dave […]

Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven Turning 20

The original album art

And to celebrate, Pantera is going to resell you that very album. How nice of them? The 1994 LP Far Beyond Driven will get a 20-year anniversary edition release this year. The remastered double-disc set will come with bonus live tracks from a 1994 set the band performed at the “Monsters Of Rock Festival” in Donington, U.K. […]

Vinyl Reissue Of Yob’s Catharsis Coming


This is kind of dope. Yob’s LP Catharsis is coming back to vinyl with Relapse Records set to reissue the set March 4. The deluxe reissue is being remastered by Tad Doyle and features new artwork from Aaron Edge and liner notes from the band’s own Mike Scheidt. Gold, gold with black splatter, clear with […]