Daughters Planning New Record?


I happen to loves me some Daughters, so you best believe I was popping a rod late last night when I saw the band’s maybe got a new record in the works, possibly. It seems the band was “Listening to some new demos” yesterday. This Facebook post tells me so. That, I would presume, means […]

Drowningman Reunites, Books Three Shows


I am not sure how extended this reunion will be, or whether it’s permanent or what, but I’m excited to reveal that Drowningman’s gotten back together for a trio of shows. They’ll be the band’s first in more than 10 years, basically. I’m amped. One’s in Brooklyn, and I was always a fan of Drowningman, […]

Ihsahn Thinks Black Metal Has “Gone Gray”


Not for nothing, but the dude is spot on about that. I don’t think I could have said that shit any better myself. The extreme, unpolished power of the overall genre’s just been waning for me for years now. So lately, I’ve found myself going back to Emperor. How appropriate that Ihsahn would bemoan black […]

Atreyu Returns; World Collectively Gives No Fucks


I know what the world was missing the last three years: Atreyu’s music. No wonder everything’s been going to shit. We haven’t had the chance to experience new music from one of the most mediocre bands of musicians ever assembled. Today, Atreyu announced its return from hiatus. The reunited lineup, featuring vocalist Alex Varkatzas, drummer […]

Misery Signals Announces Support Acts For Upcoming Trek

Mi$ery $ignal$

Yes sir. Misery Signals have announced the support acts for their forthcoming “Malice X” tour, which is all set to go down this August. Among the bands participating for select shows are Counterparts and All Hail The Yeti. Here’s a list of when and where the tour will be making stops, and who’ll be playing: […]

Rex Brown Joins Phil Anselmo’s Band For Pantera Tune

Phil Anselmo

It happened at this weekend’s Download Festival. And you can watch video of the performance at the end of this post, folks. Two members of Pantera, Rex Brown and Phil Anselmo, reunited on stage at Donington Park in Leicestershire, United Kingdom, on Sunday to perform “A New Level” with Phil’s band, the Illegals. The teaming […]

SikTh Announce U.K. Tour Dates


This is good news. For the United Kingdom, anyways. I hope SikTh plan on playing some reunion shows in the states, too. I’d like to catch them again, as they’re pretty sick live. Anyways, the reunited band have announced plans for a full U.K. tour this fall. The tour follows their festival appearances this summer. […]

People Still Asking Jimmy Page About Led Zep Reunion

Jimmy Page

Enough already. You’d think that, if you’d landed an interview with someone like Jimmy Page, you’d do some fucking work and come up with ACTUAL fucking questions for the man about his legacy. Not questions everyone has asked him a billion times before, and you already knew the answer to. Like, say, “Will Led Zeppelin […]

Vinnie Paul: Still Not Into Pantera Reunion

Vinnie Paul

At this point, let’s just all agree to stop asking Vinnie Paul Abbott about Pantera reuniting, OK? I mean, the dude’s made it abundantly clear he’s not ready for that shit to go down. When and if he does have a change of heart, I am sure he will let us know. Let Puff of […]

Guitarist Addresses Acid Bath Rumors

Acid Bath

Acid Bath guitarist Sammy Duet has issued the following statement regarding the recent Acid Bath rumors. “In response to the post by ‘Acidbath The Bayou Kid’ on June 3rd, 2014, I’d like to clarify a few things: [Drummer] Jimmy Kyle created that post without prior discussion with [guitarist] Mike Sanchez or myself [guitarist, Sammy Duet]. […]