Bill Ward Fires Back At Ozzy Claims

Before the rift

The drama continues between estranged bandmates Bill Ward and Ozzy Osbourne, original members of Black Sabbath. Here’s the quick background, since you all probably already know: Ward and Black Sabbath couldn’t come to terms on that reunion years ago, and ever since, Ozzy has been inferring Bill was too porky and out-of-shape to hack it, […]

Burn Reunion To Feature Glassjaw Drummer


New York hardcore legends Burn will be reuniting for a set at this year’s Black N’ Blue Bowl. Somehow, I overlooked this factoid when the lineup was revealed. I was probably too distracted to make the connection. Burn has been rather silent since the early 1990s, when lead singer Chaka Malik left to forge Orange […]

Marty Friedman On Megadeth Return: “Who Knows?”


In a new interview, Marty Friedman, the onetime Megadeth guitarist who now calls Japan home, said he really doesn’t know if he’d return to the band, now that it needs a second strummer. According to Marty, he doesn’t know how to answer the question of whether or not he’d go back with Megadeth. “I don’t […]

Dave Lombardo Not Ruling Out Slayer Return

Dave Lombardo

OK, so, I guess I should explain why I’m posting news on a Saturday night, and not out trolling for my life’s next regret. It’s simple: I spent the day with family, and I’m fucking beat from playing with six little kids all day. Too wiped out to drink or socialize, but not too tired […]

Original Pissing Razors Lineup Reunites

Pissing Razors with their manager

The impending year will see the reunion of Pissing Razors’ original lineup. The reformed band will play some live shows and release a new album, it seem. Returning to the ranks of the group are founding members Eddy Garcia on drums, frontman Joe Rodriguez and guitarist Mat Lynch. Blabbermouth reports that writing for the band’s […]

Botch Reunion? No Longer A Never


For years, Brian Cook of the defunct These Ares Are Snakes and the very-much active Russian Circles and Sumac has said that the long-dormant Botch would never, ever get back together again, bumming out thousands of lovers of awesome like myself. But in a new interview with Noisey, Cook reveals that he’s been instructed by […]

Refused: The Return Is Real


Refused, architects of one of my all-time favorite records, are rumored to be making a big comeback in 2015, with talk of a new record already in the works. Today, the band’s Facebook page came alive with new imagery. Presumably, new promotional images the band recently shot. This lends credence to those rumors of a […]

From Autumn To Ashes To Reunite?


Hmmm. So, it seems Long Island’s From Autumn To Ashes — whose first album was pure brilliance — have a Twitter account that’s been active as of late. From Autumn To Ashes, in these tweets, seem to suggest a reunion is in the works. One Tweet quoted the band’s track “Kansas City 90210″ thusly: “If […]

Branson Dismisses Led Zeppelin Reunion Reports

Richard Branson

The man reports claim tried to get Led Zeppelin back together with an $800 million offer is saying that shit never happened. Virgin Atlantic founder Richard Branson says “there is absolutely no truth to the story” that he made such an offer. See the original report here. On his personal blog, Branson writes:

 “I’ve been […]

Robert Plant Dismisses Led Zep Reunion Reports

Robert Plant

Yesterday, we told you Robert Plant basically killed a possible Led Zeppelin reunion offer worth $800 million. Today, we’re telling you what Plant’s response was to that story. “Rubbish,” a statement from his people reads. It was a one-word statement, supplied to The Pulse of Radio. I tend to believe the story. And my theory […]