Scars Of Tomorrow Back In Action

Scars of Tomorrow

That is correct, oh wise one. Scars of Tomorrow are back in business, baby. I will get to see the reformed band perform this week, in fact, as I will be at the New England Hardcore and Metal Festival. Or is it Metal and Hardcore? I always get that shit confused. Come have a beer […]

Hole’s Skin Lineup Reuniting


Not for nothing, that second Hole record was a’ight. Sure, Hole aren’t metal, and Courtney Love is a reprehensible excuse for a human, but the band had reunited, and people will be Googling it and, fuck, maybe if they see our story, they’ll check out the rest of the site and realize that they should […]

Kittie Launches Crowdfunding Effort For DVD, Book

Kittie members past and present, reunite

That’s right, perverts. Kittie will celebrate their impending 20th anniversary with a crowdfunded DVD release and a tell-all book that still needs to be pitched to publishers. Kittie “will be compiling our personal footage, concerts and events over the past 20 years, to bring you the be-all, and end-all of career-spanning Kittie documentaries,” says the […]

SikTh Book Second Reunion Gig


SikTh are back, folks. This, of course, is splendid news. Like the time you found out it wasn’t contagious. SikTh have scheduled their second reunion gig. After playing June 14 during this year’s Download Festival, the band will headline the October 4 date of the Euroblast Festival. That goes down at the Essigfabrik in Cologne, […]

Kittie’s Big News Coming This Saturday

Kittie members past and present, reunite

Today was a bummer of a day, man. News of Gwar’s leader’s death surfaced. That missing jet probably crashed landed in the Indian Ocean, leaving no survivors, and a girl named Jayne from Canada who loves AC/DC will likely never fuck my face. Oh cruel, cruel world. All you do is disappoint, by taking people […]

Life Of Agony Playing Reunion Gig

Life of Agony

That’s right, ladies and gentleman — and both. Life Of Agony will return to the stage for the first time since 2011 this August. The band’s set to perform at the Alcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival in Kortrijk, Belgium, on August 8. The group called it quits in July just as their frontman, Keith […]

Sebastian Bach Slams Former Skid Row Bandmates

Sebastian Bach

What else is new? I guess you could safely assume Sebastian Bach wants to see a proper Skid Row reunion take place, with him part of it. The former frontman for Skid Row is responding now to a recent interview in which the band’s bassist, Rachel Bolan, said working with Bach again would be “a […]

Kittie To Announce Mystery Project Next Week

What could it mean?

OK, so, remember the other day, when we posted a story about former and current members of Kittie getting together for an unintentionally-sexy photo shoot that had my mind envisioning all kinds of lesbianic delights? Well, turns out they didn’t just get together for a photo shot. Instead, Kittie were doing something substantial. The band […]

Celtic Frost Offered Substantial Cash To Reunite

Celtic Frost

It ain’t happening, but someone at the Wacken Open Air festival tried to get Celtic Frost to play a reunion set at this year’s event. According to this report, Triptykon’s Tom Gabriel Fischer (a.k.a. Tom Gabriel Warrior) claims he turned down $140,000 to play this year’s Wacken. No big deal. Says Tom: “Two and a-half […]

Mordred Reunite For U.K. Shows

Go if you can

Here’s a blast from the past: Mordred. The San Francisco Bay Area funk metal act who’ve been dormant for decades are returning for a U.K. tour this August. The band’s also launched an Indiegogo campaign seeking funds for the trek, as well as a reunion EP. Mordred also would like to reissue the band’s catalog, […]