Roast To Target Slipknot’s Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor

This is kind of cool. So a bunch of guys not known for their humor, but more for their impassioned voices and instrumental abilities, will attempt to roast Corey Taylor of Slipknot soon. Some actual comedians will also take part, good thing. What’s billed as “The Monster Energy Roast On The Range With Corey Taylor” […]

Scott Ian Says Anthrax To Record In May

Scott Ian

Anthrax hope to start tracking their next album this May, according to Scott Ian. He tells Rolling Stone the band’s been working a while on the new stuff. “Frank [Bello, bass] and Charlie [Benante, drums] came out here to my house and we jumped right in in November. Not to jinx anything, but things have […]

Anthrax Guitarist Says Dozen Songs Written For New LP

Scott Ian

The lads over at Metal Insider got a hold of Scott Ian of Anthrax, and spoke at length with the guitarist about the band’s new album, which they’re currently working on. “It’s really coming along,” Scott said. “It’s crazy to think that we’re already in January of this year; it seems like we just finished […]

Scott Ian Announces Spoken Word Tour

Scott Ian

You know you wanna pay good money to see Anthrax’s guitarist do his best Henry Rollins impression, recounting stories from over the ages and speaking his mind on various issues. Wait, you don’t? I don’t know you anymore. It’s like you’ve turned into someone else overnight. That’s it — I’m moving out! Sorry. Had a […]

Anthrax Still Writing For Next LP


A post on the official Web site of Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian claims the band’s written seven songs thus far for its next record. I am actually excited for the next Anthrax, as I am curious how Shadows Falls’ Jon Donais addition to the band will influence their sound. Drummer Charlie Benante, bassist Frank Bello […]

Anthrax Writing For Next LP


That’s right, fans of the thrash. Anthrax are in writing mode, folks. They’ve commenced the writing for their next studio album, which they claim’ll be out in 2014, at some point. Guitarist Scott Ian tweeted over the weekend: “Today [drummer Charlie Benante] and [bassist Frank Bello] are coming over to start writing for the next […]

Topps Archive Baseball Cards To Feature ’80s Metal Icons

Scott Ian

A set of 10 cards, featuring metal luminaries from across the 1980s, will be inserted as part of the 2013 Topps Archives baseball set. Anthrax’s Scott Ian will be one of the cards, and recently spoke to ESPN’s “Mint Condition” about the “Heavy Metal Autographs” cards. “I was definitely excited,” Ian said. “I collected cards […]

Anthrax Guitarist, Fozzy Frontman Team Up

Scott Ian

Lucky for us, it doesn’t involve music. Scott Ian rules, but Chris Jericho is like crotch rot to music. You get anywhere near his “songs,” and you wanna rapidly retreat, back into air that’s breathable. Yes, Anthrax’s Ian and Fozzy’s wrestling and stars dancing Jericho will team up for two nights of spoken word in […]

Anthrax To Release Anthem In March


It’s true. Anthrax had been in the studio in recent months tracking a selection of cover tunes. These will now surface on March 18 in the form of an EP called Anthem Scott Ian recently said in an interview that the effort would include covers of AC/DC’s “T.N.T.,” Boston’s “Smokin’,” Cheap Trick’s “Big Eyes,” Journey’s […]

Scott Ian Talks Anthrax Covers Set


In a new interview, Anthrax’s Scott Ian says making the band’s upcoming covers collection was great fun. “It was a lot of fun, especially because a lot of those [songs] aren’t, I guess, normal for us or like so much of our repertoire — although they are because they’re songs we all knew,” says Ian. […]