Metal Universe Reacts To Gwar Leader’s Death

Dave Brockie

Today’s just been one of those days. You wanna cry, because we lost someone special in Dave Brockie, a creative genius who endured quite a bit for his art. But at the same time, Dave wouldn’t want you to be sad. Either way, Facebook has been running wild with remembrances and memorials to the man […]

Metal All Stars Tour Kicks Off

Brian Fair

Bulgaria is where some of metal’s heaviest hitters launched a tour last night. I have never had a desire to go to Bulgaria. Sorry, Bulgaria…just not feeling you as a destination I need to see. Anyways, the “Metal All Stars Tour” kicked off in Sofia last night, and involved a who’s who of heaviness that […]

Downpour Release Full Track

Brian Fair

Dude, I don’t know about you, but I think the following Downpour jam is the business. I’m serious. Listen to the tune below, and try not to mosh in place. I just did a windmill in my fucking living room, and drop kicked my cat. It was sick. The song is called “The Serpent’s Tongue” […]

Shadows Fall Announce June Shows

Shadows Fall

Shadows Fall are not on hiatus. They’ve just been taking some time off, but that’s about to end soon, kids. The band’s got some dates booked overseas, and just set up a bunch of shows along the Northeastern coast of the United States. No word on who will open, but we shall keep you posted. […]

Unearth, Shadows Fall Touring Europe

Shadows Fall

Guess what, Europe? Unearth, Shadows Fall, The Acacia Strain, War Of Ages and more are coming to fucking fuck shit up for you old school. Yes, yes…I know. This is good news. You just want the dates, though, don’t you? Well, here are some of the dates that have thus far leaked for what will […]

Gunshy Assassin Presents: The Disastercast With Shadows Fall’s Brian Fair


Another week, another exciting episode of Gunshy Assassin’s companion podcast, The Disastercast. This week’s installment boasts an interview with one of our columnists, Brian Fair. Brian’s been busy as of late with fatherhood and bands, so he hasn’t been writing for us much. But we discuss what he’s been up to with Overcast, Death Ray […]

Downpour Teases New Music

Downpour's logo

Go here. What are you waiting for, dude? That link will take you to the official site for Downpour, the new band boasting current and ex members of bands like Overcast, Death Ray Vision, Birch Hill Damn, Sorrowseed, Shadows Fall, Cannae, Frozen and Unearth. Frontman Brian Fair checked in with us this morning to share […]

Overcast, Cannae Members Launch Downpour

Brian Fair

There is a new band to keep an eye out for, and that band’s name is Downpour. Downpour will boast some dope musicians of some renown, and I for one am excited to learn more. Like, when can we hear some music, dudes? The band will be fronted by Overcast’s Brian Fair. Brian’s also in […]

Shadows Fall Frontman Working On Black Metal Project?

Brian Fair

It certainly seems that way. In between being a dad and the frontman for several bands, Brian Fair’s been working on some solo music which he says is “black metal-ish.” Fair says he is playing the majority of the instruments himself, with a few friends to be enlisted later to help out during studio sessions. Material […]

Anthrax Guitarist Says Dozen Songs Written For New LP

Scott Ian

The lads over at Metal Insider got a hold of Scott Ian of Anthrax, and spoke at length with the guitarist about the band’s new album, which they’re currently working on. “It’s really coming along,” Scott said. “It’s crazy to think that we’re already in January of this year; it seems like we just finished […]