As Predicted, Ozzy Osbourne Balks At Bill Ward

Before the rift

I called this one. Ozzy Osbourne is not about to offer a public apology to Bill Ward. Instead, he’s thrown salt, lemon juice, and gasoline on the wound by issuing a statement that further calls the Black Sabbath drummer’s abilities into question. Part of me thinks Sharon Osbourne wrote this one. “I never wanted to […]

Black Sabbath’s “Farewell” Show Happening At Ozzfest Japan

Black Sabbath

Sharon Osbourne is telling the world that Black Sabbath will play its “farewell” show this November as part of Ozzfest Japan. The “farewell” show will take place November 22, the second and final day of Ozzfest Japan at Makuhari Messe, outside Tokyo. Korn will also be on the bill. Sharon, who organized the event, says […]

Ozzy’s Other Daughter Releases Bloody Video

Aimee Osbourne

Before today, I only kind of knew that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne had another kid. I remember reading somewhere when “The Osbournes” first started airing that she wanted no part of the show and moved out of her parents’ home. But did I know for a fact that Sharon and Ozzy had another daughter? Not […]

Ozzy Osbourne’s Hell Gate: More Details Revealed

Ozzy Osbourne

If you’re just chomping at the bit for more information on Ozzy Osbourne’s upcoming Hell Gate concert production in Las Vegas, I have some good news for you. This post is all about Hell Gate, Ozzy’s upcoming concert production in Las Vegas. Ozzy’s wife and manager Sharon revealed on Monday’s “after-dark edition” of “The Talk” […]

Ozzy Osbourne Vegas Show In The Works

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne’s ball and chain, Sharon, has let it slip that she’s working on a one-off concert production for the self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness, to take place in Las Vegas by Halloween 2015. She told the British newspaper The Sun: “I’m working right now on a Vegas production for Ozzy. It’ll be in time for […]

Zakk Wylde Claims Ozzy’s Dick Doesn’t Work

Ozzy Osbourne

In the spirit of Christmas, here’s a detailed story about Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness, and his dysfunctional peter. According to Zakk Wylde, who appeared recently on “Loveline” with Dr. Drew Pinsky and Mike Catherwood, the leader of Black Sabbath can’t get boned up anymore. That sucks. I feel bad for Ozzy. What’s the […]

Trivium To Start Writing For Next LP


Man, I knew something super shitty was going to happen this week. I just figured ISIS would somehow be involved. I do mean those terrorist fucks who kill…not the erstwhile band that killed it live. Perhaps ISIS is nevertheless somehow behind the following tidbit of doleful news: Trivium will soon start writing new songs for […]

“The Osbournes” To Return For Eight Episodes

Sharon Osbourne

Fuck me. Because there’s literally no offer Sharon Osbourne will turn down so long as the price is right, there will likely be another season of “The Osbournes” next year. The MTV reality show was a bona fide hit back in the day, but that was a long time ago. The show ended in 2005, […]

Ozzfiesta Coming To Mexico

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzfest may be dead and buried, but Ozzfiesta is alive, well, and coming to Mexico next spring. Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society will both perform at Ozzfiesta next May as part of an all-inclusive, five-day event. Ozzfiesta runs from May 27 through May 31, 2015, at the beautiful Hard Rock Hotel, Riviera […]

Campaign Seeking Knighthood For Ozzy Gets 21,000 Signatures

Ozzy Osbourne

An online campaign calling for Ozzy Osbourne to be knighted has already notched more than 21,000 signatures, if you can believe that. A 46-year-old Australian fan named Helen Maidiotis launched the petition, saying the Black Sabbath singer deserves the honor for “his significant contribution to the music industry.” She added that he deserves to be […]