Crowbar’s Windstein Slams Stage Invader

Kirk Windstein

Yes, yes — I know I’m fucking three days late with this story, but I was in Boston, not getting laid, and so, I haven’t had time to react to Kirk Windstein losing his shit on a fan in Maryland Thursday night. Not until now, anyways. So, a dumb fan jumped on stage during Crowbar’s […]

Korn’s Head Thinks Tim Lambesis Deserves A Second Chance

Tim in court

Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch relates to Tim Lambesis. They both used to love God and don’t anymore. And oh yeah, Head can sympathize with Tim’s plight. You know, that burning sensation one gets when you’re getting a divorce…the sensation of wanting to make it easier on yourself by snuffing out your wife like a […]

As I Lay Dying’s Hipa Reacts To Lambesis Interview


Last week, soon after the sentencing of Tim Lambesis, an interview with the dude who tried to hire a killer to mow down his wife ran on the site of the cheap fucks over at AltPress, which was written by a chap I know named Ryan Downey. Anyways, in the interview, Lambesis discussed the aftermath […]

Triptykon Cancel Maryland Deathfest Appearance


Triptykon — the occult/avant-garde metal project formed by former Hellhammer/Celtic Frost singer, guitarist, and main songwriter Tom Gabriel Fischer (a.k.a. Tom Gabriel Warrior) — has backed our of the Maryland Deathfest. They were supposed to perform May 22. Says Fischer in a statement: “The greatest surrealist artist of our time, H.R. Giger, died in a […]

Triptykon Frontman Reflects On H.R. Giger’s Death


The amazing artist H.R. Giger bid adieu to realm of the living yesterday, and that blows. The following statement has been released by Tom Gabriel Warrior of Triptykon; we present it to you in full, with no edits or commentary. “For the first time in 74 years, last night was a night not illuminated by […]

Former Trivium Drummer Reacts To Firing


The former drummer for Trivium must think we’re all stupid. The statement his former band released yesterday basically said he was fired. But in his statement on Twitter, Nick Augusto, for some reason, seems to feel the need to tell us he did not want this to go down. “Thank you so much to all […]

Ex-Testament Bassist On Being Famous And Poor

Greg Christian

Former Testament bassist Greg Christian says he never received anything beyond a “day rate” during his lengthy tenure with the band. He also claims that his salary “never went up once in 8 1/2 years” while he “watched everything else get bigger and grander every step of the way.” While thanking his Facebook friends for […]

Dave Mustaine Addresses Youthanasia Rumors


A statement has been issued by Megadeth vocalist and guitarist Dave Mustaine regarding recent rumors surrounding the band’s 20th anniversary plans for their 1994 album Youthanasia. Apparently, some of y’all are confused as fuck. “For those of you that were unable to attend or to hear, see, or read any of the answers from our […]

Dave Brockie Memorial Art Show Established

Attend if you can

On May 3, MF Gallery will have a special memorial art show dedicated to Dave Brockie (better known as Gwar’s Oderus Urungus), who passed away suddenly in March. Part of the proceeds from the show will benefit the Dave Brockie Foundation. Dave was prolific in many different visual mediums and he collaborated often with MF […]

Wovenwar Debut New Tune


A song has made its way online from the new, Tim Lambesis-free version of As I Lay Dying, which is now operating as Wovenwar. The track is streamable at the end of this post. The band’s new frontman is Shane Blay, who you probably do not know from Oh, Sleeper. The band has worked on […]