Iron Maiden’s South American Tour Not Routed Around BitTorrent Data, Despite Reports

Iron Maiden

I didn’t bother reporting this the other day out of laziness and partially because it sounded like bullshit, but reports that Iron Maiden’s most recent tour of South America was organized around analytics developed from BitTorrent and social media data are wrong. A representative for Musicmetric, an entertainment forecasting startup that analyzes BitTorrent and social […]

Former Lostprophets Singer Ian Watkins Sentenced To 35 Years

Ian Watkins

That’s it? Man. If I’m going to ever try and rape a baby, I’m going to Wales to do it. Just 35 years for keeping zoophilia, attempted baby rape, and child abuse? That’s nothing. He’ll be a creepy old man by the time he gets out. I figured the courts — which just sentenced Ian […]

Slayer Manager Releases Statement On Band’s Standing


Longtime Slayer manager Rick Sales has issued a statement on the band’s current label situation in light of comments made recently by Kerry King. Those comments seemed to suggest the band were free agents, with no label to speak of. “With Jeff’s tragic passing and Slayer’s eventual hectic touring schedule over the past several months, […]

Catalepsy Break Up


Oh no! Oh yes. Catalepsy are done, fuckers. The Floridian death metal dudes have announced they’ve thrown in that towel after ten years. While active, the band released material through Eulogy Recordings and Stillborn Records. Here’s a statement from the guys: “We never made an announcement due to being uncertain but due to successes of […]

Ian Watkins’ Former Bandmates Release Statement


And of course, they had no inclination the dude was a sick, twisted pedophile who got off on zoophilia porn and forcing himself on kids. The statement from the former members of the Lostprophets on frontman Ian Watkins’ recent admission he’s a full-on baby-raping pervert says the band “hoped it was all a mistake,” but […]

Lostprophets One-Time Tour Manager Reflects On Pederast Frontman’s Guilty Plea

I mean, did you see those fucking pants?!?

So, it appears some dude named George Davison was at one time the tour manager for Lostprophets — the defunct band whose singer plead guilty yesterday to, among other thing, trying to rape a baby and owning animal porn — has taken to the fucking web to reflect on what the fuck happened. Yes, folks. […]

Broken Hope Fan Slashed At Show Recovering

Julio with his free merch

Dude, look at that picture. That kid had his throat slashed with a box cutter at a recent Broken Hope show with Deicide, and he’s smiling. I’d be grimacing, at best. The injured fan, Julio Serrano (named after my favorite ham), was immediately rushed to the hospital. Numerous media outlets reported on the status of […]

Blake Judd Gets A Haircut, Talks Twilight LP

Blake's post-jail, pre-rehab look

Blake Judd got a haircut. That should make everything better, right? That should change something. “Getting better, looking healthy for the first time in months I feel, and I chopped that mop off my head (finally),” writes Judd online. “Tired of seeing the mug shot all over the place…hopefully these can replace that image in […]

Nachtmystium Will Release Album In Early ’14

A booked Blake Judd

Despite what Blake Judd first said the other day in an online post, it seems at least one more Nachtmystium disc will be recorded. Go here. There, you can hear a song called “Voyager,” a brand new song from the Chicago-based band with the drug-addled singer accused of stealing from his fans. The track will […]

Nachtmystium’s Blake Judd Released From Jail

A booked Blake Judd

Nachtmystium vocalist and guitarist Blake Judd has been released from jail following his October 5. Judd was collared on charges of theft not exceeding $500. Judd took to his Facebook to offer the following post, which has since been rescinded. In it, he says he plans to go to rehab after having made positive steps […]