Necrophobic Fire Wife-Beating Singer


Cult Swedish blackened death metal band Necrophobic has officially parted ways with vocalist Tobias Sidegård. A Swedish appeals court last month reduced Sidegård’s prison sentence; he was accused of beating his wife multiple times between September 2011 and April 2013. Sidegård was originally sentenced to 18 months in prison for “gross violation of a woman’s […]

Kirk Windstein Explains Down Departure

Kirk Windstein

Ex-Down guitarist and current Crowbar frontman Kirk Windstein gave an in-depth interview to the Devil Horns podcast, and the fine people at Blabbermouth transcribed it for all of us. How sweet! So, Kirk…why’d you bail, bro? “The easiest way to put it, really is… My life’s changed a lot in the last year,” starts Kirk. […]

Godflesh Comment On Tour Postponement

Justin Broadrick

For the first time ever, dragging my ass paid off. I never got around to securing a ticket for Godflesh’s New York show, and just as I’m about to, they go and postpone the tour until the spring. Now, Godflesh’s Justin K. Broadrick has officially commented on the postponement, which will take place in April. […]

White Wizzard Part With Label

White Wizzard

Mere days after firing their frontman, White Wizzard reports it has parted ways with Earache Records and will launch its own record label, White Wizzard Records. Good luck with that, fellas. The band claims the parting was mutual. I call bullshit. “Excited to announce that we will be going independent and we have mutually parted […]

Nachtmystium Guitarist Talks Singer’s Arrest

A booked Blake Judd

The silence has been broken. Nachtmystium guitarist Timothy Preciado has commented on frontman and guitarist Blake Judd’s arrest over the weekend on theft charges. “There has been a lot of buzz around Chicago about Blake’s situation regarding his recent run in with the law,” says Tim, according to ThePRP. “The rest of Nachtmystium asks that […]

Kirk Windstein Issues Statement Thanking Down Fans

Kirk Windstein

Crowbar leader Kirk Windstein has released a statement, thanking his fans for their support through what he characterized as his “separation from Down.” He left the band last week to focus all of his energies on Crowbar and their new album. “You all RULE!!!,” writes Kirk online. “Thanks for your patience and understanding during my […]

The Faceless’ Keene Talks Bassless Faceless

Michael Keene

Stop worrying about the future of the Faceless. Mastermind Michael Keene says all is well with the band. In an interview with HeavyBlogIsHeavy, Keene said these break-up rumors are flat-out horseshit The rumors have started as Evan Brewer, the band’s bassist, has been absent from the group as of late. “I’ll clear it up as […]

Faceless Bassist Talks Bassless Faceless

Evan Brewer

The Faceless have a bassist, and that bassist has been missing in action on the band’s recent run of shows. Now, Evan Brewer has come forward to speak to this absence. Basically, he doesn’t know what the fuck’s going on. “I’m sure many of you have become aware of the fact that I have not […]

Necrophobic Frontman’s Sentenced Reduced

Price for beating your wife = $2,500

That piece of rectal discharge Tobias Sidegard, the frontman for Swedish death metal band Necrophobic, has somehow had his sentence reduced. He’ll now serve six months as opposed to 18 for his conviction on child and spousal abuse charges. This week, a Swedish appeals court found Sidegard guilty of only simple assault, a less serious […]

Necrophobic Release Statement On Wife-Beating Frontman

Womb Of Lilithu

You may recall the other day we told you about Necrophobic’s singer, who was sentenced to more than a year behind bars for beating up his wife and daughters. Here’s an update on that story: He’s still a fucking slime. In related news, Necrophobic, themselves, have released a statement regarding vocalist Tobias Sidegård’s sentence. “Due […]