Evisorax Guitarist Viciously Attacked, Facing Major Surgery


When I was in college, I was jumped by a bunch of dudes. It was all over a chick. I was in a bar, working my mojo, while my friends were working theirs. I was talking to this chick, and things were going well. Next thing I know, some douche is telling me “I was […]

Hollywood Undead Members Throw Former Singer A Good Beating

A pack of pussies

According to reports, members of Hollywood Undead recently threw a brutal beating to their former singer. Aron “Douche” Erlichman was apparently beaten to a bloody pulp after his set May 25 at Angels & Kings in Hollywood, California. Wait, did I say “Douche?” I did. I meant Deuce. It’s Deuce. Not Douche. At least not officially. […]