All Out War EP Coming This Summer

I'll be awaiting my copy

New York hardcore legends All Out War will release a new EP this summer called Dying Gods. That would have been a killer band name. The new EP sees the band return to the sound of For Those Who Were Crucified, and just like that timelessly brutal album, Dying Gods was engineered and produced by […]

Emmure Frontman Tears Vocal Cords


Poor Frankie Palmeri. The lead singer of Emmure, a band with absolutely no redeeming value, has hurt his vocal cords, meaning he can’t make a peep. That’s the upside for us who hate his voice. Not that I’d wish him any ill will. Emmure will now be forced to miss some shows on their current […]

Within The Ruins Wreck Their Van


The members of Within The Ruins, a band I do not like one bit, are OK after flipping their van three times in Pennsylvania yesterday. The band was headed for the West Coast and the start of a tour with Suicide Silence and Fit For An Autopsy. “While no one was hurt, their van, trailer […]

Suicide Silence Launch Own App

Suicide Silence

Why shouldn’t Suicide Silence have its own app? There’s an app for every body and every thing these days. The Suicide Silence app was created by DiscipleMedia, and is compatible with all handheld iOS and Android devices. Have an iPhone? Get the app here. Android owner? Head here. Those who download the app within the […]

Suicide Silence Talk Boozing, Drugging Days Of Yore

Suicide Silence

Apparently, it took one of them drinking and driving into a stationary object on a motorcycle for the boys of Suicide Silence to realize they were imbibing and abusing drugs too hard. When Mitch Lucker died nearly two years ago, Suicide Silence guitarists Chris Garza and Mark Heylmun claim that’s when they put down the […]

Hatebreed Frontman Hatches Podcast


Today, the new podcast of Jamey Jasta — Hatebreed’s frontman and my former co-worker at MTV — launched, and you can check out the first episode below. The Jasta Show will be a weekly podcast will feature Jasta interviewing musicians, athletes and influential figures. During the first three episodes, Jamey Jasta interviews Eddie Hermida (vocalist […]

Fear Factory, Napalm Death Added To U.S. Knotfest Lineup

Napalm Death

A bunch of additional bands have been named to the bill for this upcoming second U.S. Knotfest, brought to you by the dudes of Slipknot. The second Knotfest will take over the San Manual Ampitheatre and Campgrounds from October 24 to October 26. A new stage has been added, along with the following bands. Find […]

Suicide Silence, The Black Dahlia Murder To Tour

The Black Dahlia Murder

That’s right, folks. Two bands you likely enjoy will team up for a tour I will be skipping. I haven’t liked recent Black Dahlia Murder, can’t stand Suicide Silence, and abhor Chelsea Grin. And that’s the lineup. Plus Alterbeast. Says Black Dahlia vocalist Trevor Strnad, who used to write for us but stopped for reasons […]

Slipknot Announces Second Knotfest


The second Knotfest was announced over the weekend. Sorry I am just letting you all know now. I was at my parents’ place trying to fucking relax, and did not touch my laptop the entire time. Now, I’m home, burnt by the sun, and excited for those of you who live out in San Bernardino, […]

Rings Of Saturn Detail Next Record

That's trippy

The new Rings of Saturn album Lugal Ki En will be in stores October 14. Unique Leader is releasing the album. Guitarist Lucas Mann explains the LP’s title: “The concept of the album in a nutshell is that long after the aliens conquer humanity, they evolve to a point where they transcend space, time and […]